Honda Fit Vs Suzuki Swift: Let’s Pick Your Subcompact Hatchback

With the development of subcompact hatchback, the marketplace has never been this crowded before. There are various types and models for all car enthusiasts to see and purchase. 

And in the list, Honda Fit and Suzuki Swift are the most popular names. Like seriously, you can see the “Honda Fit vs Suzuki Swift: Competition” is the title that can appear in any sector. 

In order to help buyers understand and make a decision better, our car experts make a Honda Fit vs Suzuki Swift comparison. This comparison is between Honda Fit 2015 and Suzuki Swift Sport 2014 models.

The Overview 

Suzuki Swift

Japanese automobile company Suzuki manufactured the Suzuki Swift in 2000. Swift currently in its third generation, the Swift is a three- or five-door, front-engine subcompact hatchback. 

It is by far one of the most significant models of the Suzuki company that made huge success.

Honda Fit

The Honda Fit, also marketed as Jazz, is another addition to Honda’s global platform of small cars. The five-door, front-engine subcompact car first hit the market in 2001, and is currently in its third generation.

In the middle of the year 2013, it claimed the sale of nearly 5 millions. The Fit is different from other Honda small cars in terms of its one-box design and reconfigurable cargo space. It is also famous for its consistency as well as fuel economy. 

Honda Fit vs Suzuki Swift Comparison

The Exterior

Honda Fit

If you are looking for a sporty exterior, with the assistance of significant elements, Honda Fit is the choice for you. The front bumper of this vehicle contains the fog lights in the LED form. 

This serves the purpose of improving visibility, along with navigating different weather conditions. 

With the purpose of providing a unique visual surrounding, Honda manufacturers install LED brake lights for the rear side of Honda Fit.

Honda fit
The exterior of Honda Fit is one of the best (Photo Source: wallpaperaccess)

And to deliver the sporty look of the automobile, the carmakers add the chrome trim as well as the rear spoiler. In the new segment of Honda Fit, we can see the alloy wheels around 16-inch, along with stars added on the body side. 

They all serve the purpose of protecting the door dings. And of course, there are splash guards to protect the car paint from stains and chips. 

Suzuki Swift

On the other hand, the Suzuki Swift is also stunning with the design compared with previous models. The first thing we can notice is the pretty design with floating details of the roof with shoulder lines. 

After that, we can spot the solid exterior overall. Unlike Honda Fit, Suzuki manufacturers add precision-cut alloy wheels for this vehicle. 

The aim of doing this is to add the classy and stylish appearance, along with the bumpers that have the same body’s color. Also, car owners can spot an LED high mounted stop lamp as well as LED rear combination lamp.

Overall, the Fit has a longer wheelbase in comparison to the Swift. So, it has more stability and provides a smoother ride. 

suzuki swift
Unlike Honda Fit, Suzuki manufacturers add precision-cut alloy wheels for this vehicle. (Photo: Suzuki)

However, the Swift has a smaller turn radius, allowing it to perform a U-turn more quickly and smoothly. 

In addition, it offers smoother rides on bumpy roads because of its fully independent suspension, which allows free movement of all the four wheels.

The Interior and Comfort

Honda Fit 

Honda has improved a lot in the Fit version when it comes to interior. Talking about default features, car owners will surely fall in love with the display audio touch-screen. 

To be more specific, not only can you stream audio channels with smartphones, you can also have Apple CarPlay Integration. This feature will keep your focus more on the drive. 

Thanks to this facility, drivers can easily access music libraries messages as well as directions through the iPhone. There is also a premium audio system connected with 6-speakers.

Going into the comfortable zone, the cabin of Honda Fit is filled with leather-trimmed seating which is a great fit for a luxury look. 

This vehicle also has ECON mode, which optimizes the air conditioning,engine,cruise control and transmission in order to assist in saving fuel. 

When it comes to the cargo room, this is the number that outpaces almost every subcompact automobile: 16.6 cubic feet of space. 

If you fold down the 2nd row, it will open a maximum cargo capacity of totally 52.7 cubic feet. Not to mention, the seat bottoms also fold up to carry tall items.

And if you are wondering about transmission as well as other details, here they are. With a 6-speed manual transmission and paddle shifters, car owners can easily control the shifts for a comfortable drive. 

honda fit interior
Honda has improved a lot in the Fit version when it comes to interior. (Photo: Honda of Kenosha)

Another attractive point of this model is the second-row magic seat that can transform into four modes. Not to mention, they are also tall, long, and refreshing. Last but not least, there is an LED interior illumination. 

To be more precise, it delivers a pleasing touch to the interior. And if you think this is not good enough, the carmakers are even thoughtful enough to put a soft glow of light inside. It is visible in the driver and passenger footwells.

Along with that, we have some other features. This includes a comfortable armrest compartment as well as the all-season floor mats. 

The first one will help drivers store small items while the second one will keep the inside portion clean from mud.

Suzuki Swift 

On the other hand, the Suzuki Swift added an integrated infotainment system. This feature is adaptable with bothApple CarPlay and Android Auto.Thanks for this, car owners can enjoy the journey much easier. 

Apart from that, Suzuki owners also have the latest version, which contains push start-stop button, automatic climate control, smart key and auto gear shift. 

As the cherry on top, the steering mounted audio controls will deliver the freedom for the driver to concentrate more. 

Talking about comfort, we are talking about the front and rear seat sides. As drivers, we all hear about Heartect Platform. Those are also in Suzuki Swift that deliver better firmness and power. 

Along with that, it improves the level of safety in crash cases. Also, the occurrence of high tensile steel is also added for effective absorption as well as dispersion of crash energy. This install will bring safety for passengers inside the cabin.


Of course, there are other safety features including ABS with EBD, front dual airbags, reverse parking sensors with camera defaults. 

With the cargo volume of 264 liters, the fit again wins when it comes to cargo volume. The Normal load capacity of the Fit is 470L (the Swift is 211L), which extends to 1492L (compared to Swift’s 528L) with seats down. 

In fact, the Fit is renowned for its reconfigurable cargo space. You can fold the seats to create more storage space. A bigger cargo space, especially in a small car, is more practical as it allows you to carry more cargo.

The Engine Performance and Specifications

Honda Fit

As a small-sized vehicle, the carmakers want this automobile to be able to serve everyday drive while also being comfortable. 

And for that, they have a rapid steering response. In the latest version of Honda Fit, there is a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder engine, 67 inches wide, as well as the 39.5 inches front headroom. 

The Honda Fit has a rapid steering response. (Photo: Neo Drive)

Suzuki Swift 

With Suzuki Swift, we have two different kinds of engines, one in petrol and one in diesel. To be more specific, the petrol engine contains 1197 cc while the diesel engine has 1248 cc. 

If you are interested in numbers, this car has a length of 151 inches, with 60.23 inches in height and 68.3 inches of width. Along with that, we have a 368 L of boot space as well as a 96.45 inches of wheelbase. 

The Swift is cheaper to run as it provides a better fuel economy with 7L/100km while it is 9.7L/100km in the case of the Fit. The Swift’s performance is even better on the highway.

Suzuki Swift engine
The Swift is cheaper to run as it provides a better fuel economy with 7L/100km. (Photo Source: open3dmodel)

Besides, it has a larger fuel tank (containing 2L extra fuel than the Fit), so you need to refill it less often.

Overall, the Swift rules when it comes to engine power. It has a larger engine with higher torque and more horsepower. So, you expect its 1.6L four-cylinder engine to show more power on the roads. 


While both the Honda Fit and Suzuki Swift have technical as well as entertainment features, the Swift has some unique functions that help it score a few more marks. 

To be more specific, the Swift comes with a smart key that has superior functions to a traditional car key. Not to mention, it also has high-adjustable seat belts that increase the comfort of the passengers and enhance the safety of children.

On the other hand, the Fit has an amazing interior as well as design, which is suitable for many car owners with family.

Both the cars are popular among consumers worldwide, as well as serve the customers with different purposes.

So buyers need to consider their needs before deciding to purchase one. Hope our Honda Fit vs Suzuki Swift comparison will help you make the right buying decision.