Car From Japan Free Car Campaign Winners!

2015 Xmas Car Giveaway Winner: Peter from Kenya

Meet Peter (on the left), one of our lucky car winners in the 2015 Xmas Car giveaway,
receiving his car from Edwin our staff in Kenya.

Peter - Xmas Car Giveaway winner


First Prize: Kelvin Epimack from Tanzania

Hello, Yurimoto Hana.

I would like to say first Thank You. Thank you so much thank you thank you. I would also like to thank you for the car from Japan team, thank you a lot.

I am so excited about the prize. Very excited. My dream has come true thank you a lot of, Yuri thank you. I had never thought I could win this competition over my fellow competitors and be the first position, thank you so much car from Japan, I can qualify for my dream is live now thank you so much. I am so excited when you called me I threw myself over the flow I was so excited to thank you so much car from Japan may be the God Bless You.

Thank you so much car from Japan. I will never forget this day in my life. Oh my God Thank You So Much.

Second Prize: Moses from Kenya

Hi, Car From Japan Team, I am speechless.

I don’t know what to say other than “Thank you so much.” You make me believe that if we work hard, we will be rewarded. You make me believe that miracle can happen. I am so honored and proud! Thank you so so much. You guys are genuine, kind, generous, and thoughtful.

I wish Car From Japan brand will thrive! Keep on the good work. I believe you will change the world.

Once again, thank you so much.

Third Prize:

Eddie from Kenya

Thank you very much. I accept the prize and I will continue sharing your company with my country. It feels good to win the prize and I am very happy. The campaign was very fun.

P.S: If the people who won the $5000 and $3000 gift don’t reply, consider me for the prize. I will tell my mother to start looking for the car so we can use the $500 coupon.

Thank you!

Ephraim Muc*** from Zimbabwe

I am very happy to win in this competition, and like to give thanks to the organizers of this. Hope I have made Car From Japan well known. Also like thank the whole team for its honest on doing this campaign.

Armine *** from Armenia

SUPEEEEEEEEEEEEEER I’ll take this beautiful prize!

Thank you very much

I have just read your letter

I’m happy

I still do not believe that one of the victories will be my

Thank you and all the sponsors for the competition, in our country, I could vryat vyigrat a prize

я обизательно буду использовать мой призч купон 500 $

I’ll take this beautiful prize.

Fourth prize

Chimwemwe *** from Malawi

I would like to thank for your campaign, and I’m really happy for this prize. I thank God for this amazing prize.

Padit*** from Malawi

Dear Hana,

Thank you so much for choosing me among the winners in this competition, I feel honored

Thank you so much for choosing me among the winners in this competition, I feel honored. I don’t take it for granted my dreams to have my car will come true because soon I will buy mine using the coupon I have. Above all, I want to thank God Almighty for everything

Above all, I want to thank God Almighty for everything. It wasn’t easy road for me to be amongst the winners but I know God was on my side

Lastly thank you so much.

Michael M*** from Tanzania


Am so happy for winning this amazing awards, but my exception was high, but it is good to aim high, This coupon can not transfer into cash?? I will love to get in cash if you guys don’t mind that this is my photo.

Michael Ch*** from Malawi

Dear CarFromJapan,

I am so delighted to accept the 4th Prize worth US$100. It is no mean achievement. This coupon will surely bring a change to my life as I plan to purchase a new car in the coming three months from Car From Japan stocks. The discount will help me reach out to secure a car of my choice.

Joseph W*** from Kenya

Thank you so very much, Car-From-Japan for the surprise gift! My heart is all smiling! Your kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity is a wonderful gesture that my family and I truly treasure! It means a lot to us! Cheers and warm greetings from my daughter Nancy!

Lots of love from Nairobi, Kenya!

PETER WAITE K*** from Kenya


Thanks for awarding me the $100 voucher I will surely use it when I purchase a used car from Car From Japan.

I’m happy on with this prize.

Best Regards,

Matron*** from Zimbabwe

Dear Hana

Kindly note that I accept the award and am very grateful for it.

However, my worry is that shipping and fees duty of the vehicle might

cost me about the USD$3000. In other words, I would need about $2900 or the car to get to Zimbabwe, of which that is tough. I will be very grateful if you consider that.


MAJYAMBERE *** from Rwanda

Dear Hana At

Thanks for your congratulation message to me,

Before all may God Bless you so much and I’m so happy to see my name is on your list of winners For the fourth prize of car From Japan Free Car Campaign 2015, but now I don’t have enough money for buying a car from Japan in your available stock due to financial problem. If I had the capacity to bay a Car From Japan, I have been chosen cord 2000 Popular Toyota Fun Cargo Ref No.1.5052E+11. I need to try my luck in your next competition if it is there.

Mayamiko M*** from Malawi


Kabuye *** from Uganda

Car From Japan,

I accept this prize. Thank you very much for considering me. I am excited. US$100 might look small, but six months validity is ample time to make it enormous and has that discount while making a purchase. Am grateful for the prize.


Emmanuel*** from Malawi

I accept the prize

Samwel *** from Tanzania

I am relly really happy and am feeling great about winning this award. I am happy I can not explain it! I wish we are going to be together in expanding your business making you known throughout the world. I just need to be updated.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

Mercy Gobede*** from Malawi

I am so happy to be one of the winners. Thank you Car from Japan for the gift. Your team rocks!

Vanadio M*** from Mozambique

I am glad to be one of the winners of the campaign especially because I did all much best I could and thanks for the opportunity.

Wellington N*** from Malawi

Thank you very much, Hana, for informing me that I am one of the successful participants in the fourth category of the Car From Japan Competition. This is great news and I feel good for the prize of a coupon worthy S100. I thank the entire Management of the Company for coming up with this competition and I am looking forward to more competitions from you in the future.

My coupon code is VkupeMQ9 and find attached my photo as per your requirement.

Thank you