Free Car Giveaway 2018 – Winner Announcement

Dear our beloved participants,

Car From Japan would like to give our great appreciation you for joining our Free Car Campaign.

Thank you for spreading out our message of “Love, Share & Care” to your community. We wish you enjoyed our campaign and had a precious time.

From January to December 2018, you spent your best efforts and showed your hard-playing images to us. It is our honor to have you as a great participant.

In December, all participants have enjoyed the Christmas Giveaway Campaign very well. All of us can not wait to know who is the December Winner.

Regarding our review of top participants, Car From Japan already picked the Christmas Giveaway winner with a Free Car. The winner in December is very deserved with good efforts, real activities in the Campaign.

If you are not our winner, please keep it up because we will give more interesting promotion at the beginning of the next year!

We wish you all the best.

*Note: Our system detected some cheating cases, which show the sign of system manipulation, inhuman-entry. All of these candidates were eliminated before we screen the results at the end of this campaign. 

December Winner

Tahir Shafique Satti - December Winner
Campaign Contest
Thank You For Choosing Me As A Car Winner. I am very excited about the great news that I received today. I can not believe finally my dream has become true! I would like to thank you car from Japan for being fair and make my dream true! I would also like to thank everyone who supported me in one way or another. I would like to tell other participants that car from Japan competition is real! You have to make sure you don't give up! Since January I have been struggling to win the car, but I became a winner in December.

November Winner (Prize is $500 Voucher)

Campaign Contest
Thank you for the great news. I am happy and thankful for this prize! One thing for sure I would like to encourage all my fellow participants to work hard, I have been playing since this competition since it started to date and so many times you happen to lose but that doesn't mean you're not a winner. Losing is a part of learning and trust me if you want to win I believe you have to really work hard. Again thank you so much CarFromJapan & Goodluck To Everyone!
Sifakubi Masuku - November Winner
Campaign Contest

October Winner (Prize is Free Car)

Micky Michael Ngailo - October Winner
Campaign Contest
Wow! I am very excited about the great news that I received today. I can not believe finally my dream has become true! I would like to thank you car from Japan for being fair and make my dream true! I would also like to thank everyone who supported me in one way or another. I would like to tell other participants that car from Japan competition is real! You have to make sure you don't give up! Since June I have been struggling to win the car, but I became a winner in October, this is because I didn't give up easily! That's all I can say!

August Winner (Prize is $500 Voucher)

Phil Kriechbaum - August Winner
Campaign Contest
Micky Ngailo - August Winner
Campaign Contest
Since when i was young i have always dreamed of having my own transport car and helping people close to me. I am living in a very poor village in Tanzania known as Njombe. My village suffers very much from transport issues, we have very few cars and they charge A lot of cost. The only transport we use a lot is bicycle. I always dreamed that i could buy my own car so that i can help the people to avoid from transport issue but i had no money to buy the car. But today i was really excited as i was in my facebook account i found someone posted a link from company of car from Japan saying that you can win a free car, and the good part was you can choose any car from their list. I really appreciated this offer from carfromjapan. My dreams are becoming true, they are the best company ever happened, each year four people win free cars from this company. And I have witnessed many people win from this company and get there free prices safely and on time. I really love this company they are the best. And now I’m ready to make my dream come true and make my village proud of me. My village expects much from me im the one to change the life of my village, I hope I win. I will do this with all my heart and efforts to make sure that i win this contest. I really appreciate carfromjapan because it’s the best and biggest company and i know fare enough in judging the winners. Thank you carfromjapan for the care to the poor people we love you.

July Winner (Prize is $500 Voucher)

Shawn Zahid - July Winner
Campaign Contest
Hello, Ya‚I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this Cool process. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, but currently in Asia, BD. I have had driving lessons while I was in the USA, for a long time I have been a big fan of the ‚ CAR FROM JAPAN‚ Ever since I came to Asia-Dhaka, BD, I see a similar thing in Asia/Dhaka, BD, yes ‚ CAR FROM JAPAN is everywhere. This is well-known fact in the USA that ‚Japanese car sells itself. They don't need a big introduction; they have earned trust and reputation with their service quality and customer satisfaction and have won consumers hearts and minds globally. Cool thing is, CAR FROM JAPAN business model is well rounded and Customer Centric. Their discounted business/car deal with high-quality cars and services attracting customers, worldwide. "CAR FROM JAPAN" offers wide-range of cars selection to shipping worldwide and their website/knowledgebase is fully loaded with excellent/beneficial information‚ which no other site is comparable. Car from Japan company/website fully loaded with the wealth of beneficial information about the cars. Other company/website don't even come close to it in terms of car info. And they always offer good deal on cars. Any information you need about car, this site covers it all bumper-to-bumper and that makes Car from Japan unique. Their superior service, quality, and responsiveness made them the best in the world. I personally benefited from CAR FROM JAPAN website/knowledgebase when I research about engine, transmission, brakes and some many other things. Any information you need about cars bumper-to-bumper, look at the CAR FROM JAPAN website/knowledgebase you will see wealth of beneficial information there. I believe Car from Japan's knowledge base is well rounded, any information you need, it's there in their knowledge-based. They have a wide variety of choices and their world-class service is second to none. After some research, I found out that ‚ CAR FROM JAPAN is UNIQUE and the BEST in the WORLD. I have proven experience with the CAR FROM JAPAN customer service when asked questions, they provided high-quality services with quick response time and in terms of service and customer satisfaction I rank them SIMPLY WORLD CLASS, yes they are AWESOME and their quality of service made them WORLD CLASS Company. I sincerely wish and would like to see their (CAR FROM JAPAN) cool business expansion and successful growth worldwide. I have driven European cars and Japanese, but according to my experience, I place Japanese cars on top of the list in terms of quality and customer satisfaction, because Japanese cars are the high quality, most reliable car in the world. I have complete trust and full confidence in the ‚ CAR FROM JAPAN‚ Japanese cars are well-designed, well-engineered and clean vehicles and In terms of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, my experience tells me Japanese cars are the best in the world which gives me peace of mind.
Ibrahim Samejo - July Winner
Campaign Contest
People have a lot of wishes in their life. As a human, I have my own wish. My wishes can be about the past, the present and the future. After many years, I have realized that I cannot change the past or even the present; but I can change my future. My wishes for the future life are being successful in career, having a happy life and winner in car from japan quiz campaign. To be successful in a career, I can earn a lot of money to improve my living condition. Besides that, I will get the respect from colleagues because of my excellent achievements. And I will not worry about being unemployed if a lay-off occurs. Now hope & believe make me harder. It is lucky to have a happy life. I will do whatever I want, travel to many beautiful places to make friend with other people and learn about interesting things in the world. My future life will be full of pleasure and positive thinking. The reason why I want to be an animal protector in the future is that I would save many animals from being abused or being killed. It is my hope to see people around me treating well with animals. They should be treated as humans' best friends for everything that they have contributed to human.nnIn summary, although I have a lot of wishes throughout my younger life, but I really want to succeed in career, live happily and work as an animal protector in the future. And I will try my best to achieve these wishes instead of waiting for a miracle. Car from japan is the right way show my talent I always like new challenges in my life I like to travel on hurdle ways on every second is new adventure this way or opportunities prestined by carfromjapan this websites 1st rank because here in my country car too expensive when I found this website my life inter in new era now I can buy car on excellent condition and its is in less prize 50% less then my country. So I give five of five stars to car from Japan websites . Hard works not go in vain. Best of luck to car from japan for rest of jouneny this take on there destination. I am hopeful from car from japan I will be winner that is my aim.

June Winner (Prize is FREE CAR)

Ms. Chery Thuy - June Winner
Campaign Contest
I knew Car From Japan through a friend who bought a Japanese used car from this company. She said that the quality of her car was so good and the price was affordable too. I always want to have a car like her to take my kids to school but at that time I didn’t have enough money. Luckily, I saw the Free Car Campaign of the CFJ company on the Facebook of my friends and I decided to join with a big hope. To win the game I have tried all my efforts by sharing on social networks, importing emails of my friends…And finally, thank God, my name was written on the list of winners of June 2018. I don’t know how to describe my feeling right now. It’s one of the biggest prizes in my life. Thanks to Car From Japan, now I can drive my children to school without any worry of bad weather. I hope that Car From Japan company will continue the game so some mothers like me can get a free car from it. From my heart, I wish Car From Japan company will grow bigger and bigger and bring more happiness to people all over the world.

May Winner (Prize is $500 Voucher)

Tahir Shafique Satti - May Winner
Campaign Contest
Sifakubi Masuku - May Winner
Campaign Contest
Thank you very much for recognizing my tireless efforts in this great campaign that I have been part of since its inception. My words alone cannot fully explain how grateful I m to receive this generous gesture and recognition. Thank you very much once again and I shall keep on doing my best as usual and look forward to more rewards as the year progresses. Car From Japan is one of the best companies around. You are truly showing the rest how to spread joy at international level. Thank you very much Car From Japan, I m going to remain focused and dedicated to keep doing the very best within my abilities. Thank you very much for your generosity.

April Winner (Prize is FREE CAR)

Samwel Nswila - April Winner
Campaign Contest
Since when I was child i had a dream of driving my own car while I am at young age. I have tried my level best but my efforts were like a drop of milk in an ocean. But before i loose hope, I saw someone sharing a link from a social media asking people to click his link so that he can win a CAR FROM JAPAN. After opening the link, i saw something that made me smile for a while. I was more than happy to see that I can win a car from Japan. i was even more excited when i saw that there is a car reward in March. Therefore, I saw my dream coming true. There is nothing one else to make my dream come true than CAR FROM JAPAN company. I will be so happy to win a Japanese used car because in Japanese used cars are believed to be the best in my country also the availability of spare parts is easier since everyone loves Japanese used cars. CAR FROM JAPAN is a company that really cares about people of all kinds. I really appreciate what you are doing as a company making peopleäó»s dream coming true. I pray to God that you should continue with such a good heart. On the other I am pretty sure that with the efforts you make, CAR FROM JAPAN will be doing the best.

February Winners (Prizes are $500 Car Vouchers)

Jaideep Tigga - February Winner
Campaign Contest
Sajid Silawat - February Winner
Campaign Contest

January Winners (Prizes are $500 Vouchers)

Ekra Nyambura Michael - January Winner
Campaign Contest
Nsengumuremyi Eric - January Winner
Campaign Contest
As I think CAR FROM JAPAN is you are the best company in this world which produce the quality Car which is strong enough in my future I wish to have car from your company

October Winner (Prize is FREE Car)