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2019 March Giveaway: Free Cameras – Winners Announcement

Dear our beloved participants,

Car From Japan would like to give our great appreciation you for joining our 2019 March Giveaway Campaign: Free Cameras.

The Free Cameras Winners will be announced on 31st Mar 2019. Let’s sharing to earn points and win the prize now!

We wish you all the best.

*Note: Our system detected some cheating cases, which show the sign of system manipulation, inhuman-entry. All of these candidates were eliminated before we screen the results at the end of this campaign. 

Cameras Winners In March

Richard Mwaba from Zambia
Cameras Winner
Thank you car from japan it's my dream come true ... it was really a tough competition but one thing which was in mind determination . I just told my self that I won't give up till the last whistle and in the end it's result following me thank car from japan for this giveaway. .. keep on with this campaign you are doing a massive jod. .. Thank you everyone who supported me throughout this camera giveaway campaign ... Don't give up one day it might be you just believe in youself you can also make it. Thank you and God bless you all...
Mohammad Ishaq from Pakistan
Cameras Winner
This is very great news for me thank you very much CAR FROM JAPAN to announce me as winner of 2019 march giveaway cameras. I am very exited to see my reward and coming from CAR FROM JAPAN logo in the package 📦. I am so happy and again i am exited to see my reward from CAR FROM JAPAN 🚗. Thank you very much for this campaign and i am looking forward for more campaigns from CAR FROM JAPAN company.
  1. Chinedu Lazarus. says

    please am from Nigeria but why isn’t Nigeria flag that am seeing besides my name?

  2. Tatenda mapimhidze says

    This is beautiful it gives us a chance to participate in things like this I love you guys

  3. Joseph Mambo says

    Thank you colleagues at CFJ, you always bring fantastic promotions. i would like to participate in all contests,
    hopefully i may win.

  4. Julius kimani says

    Good things happens to those who tirelessly look for them. What a nice and helpful info I have learned from car from Japan. Keep the fire going. Kudos guys

  5. stephen singandu says

    Good things are earned through hard work and Tireless efforts.

  6. Joseph says

    CFJ, is incomparable with other companies exporting cars because it ordinary favours the end user at a cheap price.
    In my country Uganda many people love Japanese cars the likes of Honda CRV, hilux surf, premio, Nissan cars etc.
    Again your social corporate responsibility is wonderful….. Like camera giving out challenge etc

  7. IMASIKU says

    This is a good thing

  8. siledius severine says



  9. Osward says

    This is great, keep it up CFG

  10. Louis kavala says

    you make life better CJF. keep it up

  11. Nickson says

    That is gud things

  12. Tahir Shafique Satti says

    Hope To Win 😍

  13. Felix says

    Hope to see more nice things and competition in enjoying de competition.and hope its a genie one

  14. Nazis Shareef says

    Desperately waiting to see my name as a winner
    Working very hard
    Hope to win 😍

  15. Joseph Mambo says

    Hi colleagues at CFJ.
    My heart felt Congrats to the winner!
    Because the campaign still in the progress, i highly ask the next winner
    to be the one! Because i will keep on participating, I must advocate globally for
    CFJ products, and honestly, by April i can be announced as a winner, as i am capable, very determined and
    the reason is with CFJ criteria s allows.

  16. Hemamali Yatawara says

    My Dear CAR FROM JAPAN……Thank u so much introducing like this greatest contest …..for people all over the world …especially for me……..this is a great oppotunity to attend like this contest…and and I think I am the winner this time of this contest….No…words I am the winner….and I am thanking u again…car from japan…Wish u all the best….

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