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2019 May Giveaway: Free Watches – Winners Announcement

Dear our beloved participants,

Car From Japan would like to give our great appreciation you for joining our 2019 May Giveaway Campaign: Free Japanese Watches.

The Free Cameras Winners will be announced on 30th May 2019. Let’s sharing to earn points and win the prize now!

We wish you all the best.

*Note: Our system detected some cheating cases, which show the sign of system manipulation, inhuman-entry. All of these candidates were eliminated before we screen the results at the end of this campaign. 


Japanese Watches Winners In May

Samwel Samson Nswila from Tanzania
Watch Winner
I am so happy to be chosen as a winner. Thank you so much CAR FROM JAPAN. I have always loved Japanese products, i cant wait to receive the gift! Thank you once again! First of all i would like to tell people that this contest is real! All you need to do is be creative and hardworking. Sharing alone is not enough you need to be more convincing to people so as to get more attention!
Jamal Tarimo from Tanzania
Watch Winner
Thank You For Choosing Me As A watch Winner. I am very excited about the great news that I received today. I can not believe finally my dream has become true! I would like to thank you car from Japan for being fair and make my dream of owning your watches became true! I would also like to thank everyone who supported me in one way or another. I would like to tell other participants that car from Japan competition is real! You have to make sure you don't give up! 🙏
  1. Raja Rashed says

    Samwel Samson Nswila & Jamal both are big Cheater.They Cheated Your System
    And You Chose maximum winners are from Tanzania & waste Pakistani People work
    Through My Link 186 Real People Applied in This Campaign but you waste my efforts
    I request to all Pakistani Players That Don’t Spread This Campaign in our Community. They are just advertise their business & give prizes to those who deal with them All from Tanzania & waste our efforts
    We advertise their business & they give prizes to cheaters who cheated their system

  2. Samwel Nswila says

    Before judging, first ask!
    You have no idea how hard i worked to win this!
    I think you should be asking how i won and not complaining about the contest!
    If you think you can cheat the world’s most advanced technology country, then give it a try if you will win!

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