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Honda S600

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Buying Guide

There is no word better than “Cute” to describe the styling and super small size of the Honda S600, a classic sports car from Japan. Nowadays, the car is over 50 years old but still a favourite car that many people always want to have in their collection.

If you are also interested in buying a Honda S600 for sale, here are some interesting things for you to know.

Honda S600 For Sale - Worth The Hype


honda s600 for sale

Honda S600 is a sports car with an gorgeous look

Launched in 1964, Honda S600 is a sports car produced by the renowned Japanese automaker Honda. Available as a coupe and a roadster, the S600 was the first car of Honda offering 2 trim levels. Its production started from March 1964 and ceased in 1966 with the total number of 7,261 roadsters and 1,519 coupes sold. As the car was produced for a short period of time, it remained pretty much the same, with the most noteworthy changes coming to the headlights, bumper and front grille.

Exterior Design

buy honda s600 from Japan

Honda S600: Exterior

The Honda S600 will definitely catch your attention from the first time. In overall dimensions it shares many common things with more familiar small sports cars at the time it was produce. Both coupe and roadster versions of the car offer 2 doors. Rounded headlights, rear lamps, along with chromed front and rear bumpers are used to decorate the car.

Interior Design

used honda s600

Honda S600: Interior.

Now let’s move inside the car. The seats of Honda S600 are quite small and are covered by vinyl which gives a pretty good support to its driver. The steering wheel is covered by wood, giving it a handsome look. The instrument panel owns a smart design with a full set of separate round dials that are readily comprehended and logically located. Because the car has a needle-bearing crankshaft, it doesn’t have oil pressure gauge. The pedal arrangement, shift lever and the steering wheel, along with the driving position have the similar design like those of the Lotus Elan. The steering wheel of the S600 is even a bit offset toward the middle of the car, like the Lotus Elan, so it seems as though while your arms reach in one direction, the legs point another. When comparing with other cars produced at the 1960s, auto experts say the Honda S600 interior design is quite smart and elegant.

Engine And Performance

Before picking a Honda S600 for sale, it is essential to learn about its engine and performance. The car is powered by a water-cooled, DOHC, 4-CL inline engine, along with 4 Keihin carburetors which help increase the engine capacity to 606 cc. This engine has the ability to make 57 horsepower at 8,500 RPM and its maximum speed is 140 km/h. Its suspension works separately with sealed roller chain drive to each rear wheel.

Driving the car is really funny and entertaining as it is a sports car with buzzy little engines. The small engine is really singing away when it rotates the many-thousand revs needed to wind the car down the road.

Other Useful Information

Both the Honda S600 coupe and roadster versions offer 2 trim levels: standard trim and special trim. The special trim is also known as SM600 which includes a detachable seat track for quick removal of the passenger seat, a standard heater, better cushioned seats, a standard cigarette lighter, standard reversing lights, a special antenna in the passenger side sun visor, a standard radio and speaker, special paint colors, exclusive badging and other items.

Tips For Buying Honda S600 From Japan

In recent years, some people tend to import used cars directly from Japan rather than buying cars from their local showrooms. This is a pretty smart idea as it can help you to save some bucks but still get your ideal car in good condition. So if you are planning to buy a used Honda S600 for sale by this way, here is a buying process you might need to know.

1. Search and pick the vehicle you want from some Japanese used car platforms such as Send Inquiry for condition, price, history and further information of the car. The Japanese car sales executives will make a response to you directly via Email or Phone Call.

Be aware of fake-emails as there are many scams which may con you for money.

2. After that, the next thing to do is negotiating with the Japanese car sales executives for a good price which fits your budget.

At present the Honda S600 price varies from $41,000 to $47,000 depending on the model year, condition and other factors of the car so you can base on this range to find your car.

3. Next, send a request for a proforma invoice, place your order and make payment that may be either through VISA or bank wire. The sales executives will notify you about the following things such as Payment Confirmation, Shipping date, Copy of Bill of Lading, Original papers and then you get the order in this case of the car.

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