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Tom Walker
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Have only yesterday picked up car from the port.... So have done a walk around and driven it 45 kms. It's very clean and straight and seems to be actually what it was advertised as - a very low km(50,000) small RHD SUV. I will be handing it over to the end user in a couple weeks - we will see what he thinks. Only one key Car battery dead upon picking up car ( common problem with most cars imported from Japan) We have just had a significant snow storm here - the tires presently on the vehicle of little use in our snow... none if these items really unexpected - it all contribute to tightening up any potential profit - in all likely hood an additional $2000 needs to be spent and with the exchange rate it brings the car price to the same as others of the same year already here. There's still the low kms and general overall condition - to help distinguish it ..... from the existing - LHD cars already here.
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Nissan X-Trail 2001
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