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Used Subaru Legacy for sale (118 Results)

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Buying Guide

Subaru Legacy is a mid-size car that has been manufactured by Subaru in Japan since 1989. Subaru can be considered one of the first car manufacturers. The car carries a sleek and unique design that meets the most standard features, which is a Subaru-powered suburban engine. Let’s take an overlook with our Subaru Legacy review for more information that you may concern and find the best Subaru Legacy for sale from our stock list.

Subaru Legacy For Sale - A Perfect Sedan For Every Family

Overall Review

Legacy is called Liberty in Australia, based on respect for Legacy Australia, an organization dedicated to the care of families for military veterans.

Subaru Legacy review

An overlook about Subaru Legacy review.

Subaru Legacy is currently competing in the mid-range sedan segment. Featured with combinations from standard drives to all wheels. In addition, the car also installed a boxer engine in the opposite direction. The 5-passenger Subaru is a fuel-efficient car, especially when compared to competitors like the Toyota Camry or the Ford Fusion.. So, if you are interested in this Subaru Legacy for sale, let’s take a look in this whole Subaru Legacy review to consolidate your choice.

Subaru Legacy History

It will be insufficient if we don't talk about history of this lineup in Subaru Legacy review. The car was introduced to compete with the sporty car line is currently extremely developed.

First introduced in 1990, the Subaru Legacy, with styling wagon, is  a sedan with standard front wheel drive. Accompanied by the 4-wheel drive system, this car is extremely prominent compared to the competition.

subaru legacy review

A brief history about Subaru Legacy!

The second generation in our Subaru Legacy review was introduced in 1995 and soon followed, the Subaru Outback. At the moment, SUVs are becoming more popular, so are Subaru Outback, this is a big effort for Subaru to make this sports car. The car features a generous, comfortable design with standard drive, extended interior space and larger tires.

By the time Subaru launched its third generation in 2000, it had splitted into a sports car; distinct from Legacy's line of products. With some trials of this car, it can be said that the Subaru Legacy Outback has been a car with the most successful stories for half a decade. With the launch of Subaru's potential fuel economy, which seems to have been forgotten, the Outback variant has aroused consumer interest in those who seem to have never looked at the products from Subaru.

And so on, the next generations of Subaru Legacy sedan is the most attractive models in the Subaru Legacy lineup - the 4th, 5th and the newest, 6th generation. More attention leads to more influence. In the Subaru Legacy review this time, let's go through the information about the three generations of this cars type.

Subaru Legacy Specific Generations

The Subaru Legacy 4th generation (2005 – 2009)

subaru legacy for sale

The 4th generation of Subaru Legacy

First remarkable generation that this Subaru Legacy review wants to mention is the 4th generation. Let’s think about this generation of Legacy as a European-style sports sedan with a price tag and a Japanese brand. A car is superbly handled, with precise instructions to identify and provide feedback directly. These features make you feel incredibly comfortable when everything is fast and smart in the driving process. But this is not a sports car that can reach the limit, nor the car has a tough structure to conquer all the bad roads. But above all, the inherent features of this generation of Legacy have made the car fulfill its mission.

Standard Feature

Besides, this is not necessarily a perfect car, the tail of the Legacy generation is very easy to slip out of the car in some emergencies. This situation can be overcome by electronic stability control features, but this feature until 2009 becomes a standard available in the Subaru Legacy.


Standard power from 2.5 liters of four-cylinder is quite satisfactory, but also nothing outstanding. With a total of 23 mpg from the engine, the result is a four-speed automatic, and partly due to the increased weight of the standard all-wheel drive system. In addition, the five-speed automatic function has also been put into use.

subaru legacy engine

The engine of Subaru Legacy in 4th generations.


The 2.5GT turbocharged models are quite interesting, but the hybrid fuel economy has suffered quite a bit. What's more, a three-liter six-cylinder system is also available to run smoothly. Both four-cylinder systems work with manual gearboxes, but for the six-cylinder system, everything is automated. Inside, the interior of the car is quite good and has a fairly simple control system. Large car windows, low panel with thin roof columns for good visibility. The front seat is designed quite well and well supports the driver. A small problem is that the front cabin is quite closed and the foot rest behind the seat is not comfortable.

The Subaru Legacy 5th generation (2010 – 2014)

For the next in Subaru Legacy review is the 5th generation. The design of the Subaru Legacy in 2010 has been improved and transformed into a living sedan. Despite a significant increase in size, fuel economy has improved dramatically. It jumped to an overall level of 25 to 26 mpg in tests with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder facility.

New Reforms

Some say that the replacement of Subaru's old-fashioned automatic transmission with CVT is a breakthrough, supporting both efficiency and acceleration. Unfortunately, the CVT system has brought a lot of noise to the engine when accelerating or consolidating.

Fifth generation of Subaru Legacy

Let's take a look in the 5th generation of Subaru Legacy.

The 3.6-liter six-cylinder system with five-speed automatic is a choice, delivering power easily and smoothly, along with a 22 mpg overall. The right engine choice makes Legacy a luxury car with a reasonable price. In addition, it is the impression of an outstanding sedan with great interior. For this new generation, some of the agility features are no longer comparable to the Subaru Legacy of a few generations ago. But still it can be said that, the 5th generation of Legacy is still one of the most desirable sedan cars compared to the same car.

Standard Features

Although, the control, standard stability and emergency response are still quite sloppy. But for the Subaru Legacy 2013, this feature has improved, but has made the process of driving a few problems. It went from "very good" to "good". In addition, the car can be controlled quite simply with spacious car space.

subaru legacy reliability

Do not skip these standard features of Subaru Legacy 5th generations.

The 2013 version of the Subaru safety kit is also installed. This feature includes frontal warning and automatic emergency brake and many other great features. But you will only find these features for Subaru Legacy cars from 2013 upwards.

The Newest - 6th generation (2015 – 2017)

With the Subaru Legacy's redesigned in 2015, it gives the car an exquisite image of a medium-sized sedan. A simple car with good overall performance.

Subaru legacy for sale

The all new 6th generations of Subaru Legacy!

The redesign has improved the interior quality, adding modern connectivity to the development of a miniature entertainment system and touch screen. This has made the car one of the best and most used sedans.


With two engine choices available, a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine delivers 26 mpg overall and a 3.6-liter six-cylinder. All make an impressive car with the standard for all the rudder. Both engines are integrated with the CVT system, including optional instructions. Meet the best treatment.

subaru legacy technology

Whether technology of Subaru Legacy 6th generations could blow your mind?

The cabin of the car is quite spacious and quiet, providing quite comfortable space for the driver. The rear seat is designed to be larger and easier to handle. The entertainment system - the weakness of Subaru Legacy in previous generations - has been handled and updated.

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Large windows, thin roofing columns are used to increase visibility and excellent outside viewing. In addition, a standard backup camera and blind spot monitoring are supported for this generation. No matter which Subaru's Eye-sight function has been with this car so far, it features frontal warning and emergency brake.

The Subaru Legacy 2018

Distinction is in the details of the 2018 Legacy 2.5i Sport. Outside, you’ll find exclusive features like 18-inch alloy wheels, the unique sport grille and satin silver mirror caps with integrated turn signals. Its sophisticated cabin also includes blue accent stitching and carbon fiber-patterned touches throughout, along with Keyless Access with Push-Button Start and a power moonroof overhead to enhance your view no matter where the road takes you.


So far, Subaru has introduced an upgraded version of the Legacy with more eye-catching design and chassis improvements, comfort features and technology.

2018 Subaru legacy

Prepare the whole new 2018 Subaru Legacy.

The 2018 Subaru Legacy Technology

More specifically, the 2018 Legacy owns a large-sized radiator grille along with chrome-plated bars. At the same time, the redesigned headlamps with the LED spotlights, the low-profile, but wider than the previous.

At the rear end, the Legacy upgrade has a fairly large diffuser, although the look is large, but the width of the detail remains at 1,839 mm. In addition, the car also has wheels that carry more sport design.

The 2018 Subaru Legacy Interior and Exterior

Entering the interior space, the new Legacy is applied with luxury materials. With more luxury such as sports steering wheel and central control system designed new. In addition, the dashboard, the seats and the door surface of the car appeared white stitching lines to create a more luxurious feel, accompanied by glossy black details and steering wheel controls.

2018 subaru legacy interior

Let's find out this spacious 2018 Subaru Legacy!

In this upgraded version, Subaru equips the Legacy with the latest generation information systems, which integrates Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with an 8-inch screen. Voice commanded via Google and Apple Siri are also available for the car.

Regarding the safety system, the Legacy 2018 features automatic reverse braking with combined sound warning, tire pressure monitoring system, slope departure support and so on.

The 2018 Subaru Legacy Engine

Despite the change in exterior/interior design and technological features, it is unfortunate that the engine remains the same for the 2018 Legacy. The car still uses gasoline engines, four-cylinder, capacity 2.5 liters, maximum capacity 175 horsepower at 5,800 and maximum torque 235 Nm..

2018 subaru legacy engine

Check out the engine of 2018 Subaru Legacy.

In addition, customers can choose from more powerful engines such as 6-cylinder, 3.6-liter capacity. But both of these engine options will be combined with the CVT gearbox with gearshift on the steering wheel and its all-wheel drive namely Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

The Comparison between 6th Generation of Subaru Legacy

With this latest generation of Subaru Legacy, it would be the most worth-buying sedan car. But it may contain several features that you concern. Therefore in this Subaru Legacy review, we will show you some comparison table to adapt all the demands for this car type generation.

Subaru Legacy Price
  2016 Model 2017 Model 2018 Model
Manufacturer's suggested retail price $21,745 $21,995 $24,295
Average paid $16,258 - $23,768


Fuel Consumption
  2016 Model 2017 Model 2018 Model
The fuel gasoline Standard Standard Standard
Fuel consumption in the city (mpg) 26 25 25
Fuel consumption on the highway (mpg) 36 34 34
The fuel tank capacity 18.5 18.5 18.5


Pros and Cons of Car Types

  2016 Model   2017 Model   2018 Model


+ Comfortable seats   + Spacious inside   + Spacious inside
+ Fuel economy on stable   + Fuel economy on stable   + Fuel economy on stable
+ All-wheel on standard driving   + High safety scores   + High rating on great cash
Disadvantage - Base engine not strong enough   - Base engine is not in good condition   - Base engine is not in good condition
- Lacking of agility and comfort when riding   - Not enough attraction to the driver   - The quality of handling car is not good
    - Some difficulties while moving on the bad road   - Low reliability


Subaru is always appreciated for its superior performance and high safety scores, and the Subaru Legacy is no exception. In 2009, this car was honored to receive the high-safety car line from the US Road Safety Insurance Institute. Also in the same year, Subaru Legacy made it to the top 5 in the New Car Assessment Program. In 2010, Legacy won the price in Japan's new vehicle evaluation program. This car also received the "Best Family Car" award in 2010 - voted by Parents magazine. This will be a remarkable point for those looking for a sports sedan but still safe and suitable for the family.

So if you are keen on this Subaru Legacy for sale, let’s make sure you go through our Subaru Legacy review and then make your own decision.

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