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Used Kia Motors for sale (1 Result)

PhotoModelYear Km Engine GradeCar Price Delivery Price
Kia Motors Sportage 2013

Buying Guide

So, you are here at CAR FROM JAPAN, one of the most trust-worthy Japanese used car platforms, looking for a Used Kia Motors for sale. What a smart move! Here at CAR FROM JAPAN, all purchases are protected with Buyer Protection Service guaranteeing 100% cash back. We provide a large range of Cheap Kia Motors for sale that are supplied by hundreds of major Japanese used car exporters all across Japan. If you wonder which car to choose from this big stock list, you can consult with our professional specialists for more information by clicking the Inquire Now or Free Quote buttons on our website. Another way is to go through these useful tips on buying a used car for sale below.

How to select a Kia Motors competitive price?

The first step is to check out our current promotions. On special occasions, we launch special promotions like Free Shipping, Free Inspection, FOB $1, $200 OFF on all stocks etc. Catching this promotion on time will help you to get much cheaper deals than usual.

The second step is to input your final destination to get the Kia Motors used/second hand price up to your port (CIF), and then sort all Used Kia Motors for sale by the CIF from low to high. This is the tricky part, many people tend to jump to the cheapest one on the list. Our sales specialists advise that: for the cheapest cars on the list, we need to check carefully the details about engines, tires, accident histories, etc. If the car has any major problem, calculate how much you will spend on fixing it, and add it on top of the car price to have the real cost. Now, you can compare all the factors and make a shorted-list of Kia Motors price.

The third step is to check out the accessories available for each car in the short-list. If a car has certain accessories that match with your needs, it is worth spending more money. For example, comparing to buying from local, a CD player would save you $100, alloy wheels would save you $200-$600.

And, if you are still confused about which one to choose, feel free to contact our sales specialist for the consultation.

What are the tips for Buying a low mileage Kia Motors ?

A mileage is an important indicator of a car condition, so it is worth our attention! A hatchback or a sedan is popular to be under 100,000 km. An SUV, Van, Wagon would be adviced to be under 180,000 km; while Truck and Bus still run very well after reaching 180,000 km. Regarding the mileage, please also remember, we need to change the timing belt after the car has run for a certain distance, the mechanics recommend replacing it every 100,000 to 160,000 km.

On CAR FROM JAPAN, we provide a function allowing you to sort the mileage from low to high, or set a mileage range, making it more convenient for you to find out a Kia Motors low mileage.

Best gas mileage Kia Motors ? Why not?

As you are on this page, another factor you should pay attention to is the Kia Motors fuel consumption. To check whether the fuel consumption of this car fit your demand or not, here are some useful tips for you:

First, choose the right car size. Why? The bigger and the heavier the car is, the more fuel it will consume. When you have to carry a lot of people and luggage, we understand that you will need a roomy car. That is fair. But, just make sure you buy something that is just-big-enough, no more.

Next, choose the right engine size. A smaller engine will result in greater fuel economy. A larger engine not only use more fuel to operate; it also increases rolling resistance - which consumes more fuel - because, it is heavier.

Last, avoid overkill when it comes to extra accessories for your car. Power features and accessories will increase the fuel consumption.

Choosing a Kia Motors low fuel consumption is not an easy job, especially if you have a tight budget, we hope the above tips make it easier for you to make the decision.

The best way to buy a car that fit your purposes!

Before Buying an old Kia Motors , make sure you clarify the below matters:

- This car is for you to drive alone, or to carry your family? How many people?

- Will this car run mainly inside the city or off-road?

- Do you need a roof-rail to carry a lot of luggage?

- How about safety features?

- Do you need to show off?

After answering the above questions, please list down all the features that match your purposes. Then, you divide your requirements into 2 categories: the needs, and the wants. The needs are the must-have, and the wants can be compromised if your budget is tight.

If the current car is suitable for your demand, go ahead and send us an inquiry now. In case the car doesn't fit you, don't hesitate to check other Used cars for sale in our big stock list until you get an excellent one.

Why High Grade Japanese cars for sale are Dead Cheap?

Public transportation is well-developed, therefore, most of the people do not use cars for commuting. That explains why the cars with the same age would have less mileage in Japan than those in other countries.

We, Japanese people, are famous for the way we take care of our cars. We send our car to maintenance very frequently.

Japanese road has very good quality, 10,000 km running on Japanese road has very less effect on the car than 10,000 km running on roads in Indian or other countries.

We Japanese do not like second-hand stuff, so the price of used stuff in general, and used cars, in particular, are very cheap comparing to that in other countries.

In Japan, every car needs to go through a very strict inspection once in 2 years. Sometimes, even when the car is in good condition, if it does not comply with Japanese strict law for environment, the car is not allowed to run on the road anymore.

The fee to keep a car (storage charge, insurance, etc.) is very expensive in Japan, the fee to throw away stuff is also very expensive. Therefore, if a car is of no use, many people are willing to sell it out at a very low price.

That explains the excellent condition, and the attractive price of Japanese used cars. Go get the best Used Kia Motors for sale on CAR FROM JAPAN!

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