Major Wheel Alignment Benefits

Often owners overlook a major maintenance work like wheel alignment. Besides preventing your vehicle from pulling to one side of the road, there are many other wheel alignment benefits. For example, it increases the lifetime of your tires and improves braking performance. Altogether, wheel alignment benefits culminate in improved safety.


So, What is Wheel Alignment?

A standard wheel alignment process includes relative angle adjustment of the tires. The aim is to make them compatible with the manufacturer’s optimal specification. The three major adjustments are toe, camber, and caster.


Wheel Alignment Benefits

As you align tires appropriately, they track true and straight. This, as a result, increases your tires’ lifetime and enhances fuel economy. Wheel alignment price is nothing in comparison to the average price of a tire: $100. And after a proper wheel alignment, your tires will run more smoothly. Moreover, your tires will get more traction on wet surfaces like snow, rain, and sleet.

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Types of Wheel Alignments

Major Wheel Alignment Benefits

Most of the vehicles today require either four wheel alignment or front wheel alignment. In the latter case, the focus is only on the front wheels. However, it is standard practice to have all the wheels aligned, to ensure safety. A static alignment measurement inspection will ensure if you need to align all the wheels together.


Wheel Alignment and Balancing Price

Wheel alignment price varies depending on the model of your car. However, it usually costs about $40 to $75. The final expense may differ depending on the type of vehicle you drive.


Wheel Alignment How Often 

Follow your owner’s manual to know exactly when your tires require alignment. The standard practice, on the other hand, dictates you should have your alignment checked after every 10,000 miles. If you drive your car on more of an uneven road, with damages and potholes than you should visit an auto repair shop right after crossing the 5,000 miles mark.

If your car pulls down to one side now and then, then the tires are wearing out for sure. Take your tires to inspected right away without any doubt. As you keep driving your vehicle, it gradually loses alignment. Upper control arms, tie-rod ends, and ball joints fall out of adjustment or wear out constantly. Furthermore, hitting a pothole also results in a loss of alignment.


Since wheel alignment price is much lower than what it takes to replace a tire, you should not hesitate to take your car to mechanic whenever it is necessary.


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