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What are the rules around cancelling a purchase?

You may cancel a deal before the product is shipped. Depending on the stage of your transaction, cancellation rules will vary. Please check the cancellation rules below: 1) Before you sent money, you may cancel anytime without cost. Please…

How to find the right product?

Car From Japan allows you to search and filter by multiple criteria, making it really easy for your to find the product you want. Once you have your desired search results, you may as well change the viewing order depending on the factor…

How can I Change product recipient details?

You may change the product recipient details within 5 days since the invoice was issued to you. You may request such change in the same place where you put your first inquiry, the inquiry thread. Please note that changing the destination…

FOB Price

FOB price does not include shipping outside Japan or shipping insurance. FOB price includes product price, domestic transportation and custom clearance in Japan.

Domestic Selling Price (DSP)

Domestic Selling Price includes product price, consumption tax, domestic transportation until the delivery destination mentioned in the invoice & does not include “shaken(車両検査) cost”.