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How can I contact Car From Japan?

You may contact us by any of the methods shown in “Contact us (click here)” section. If you are planning to contact us for an existing product, please send us an Inquiry from our website, from that product details page. If you would like…

“Shipment Confirmation” email

When you have successfully paid for a product and we have already shipped the product to your indicated destination, we will send you an email with product and shipping details. This email is called a “Shipment Confirmation”…

“Payment Confirmation” email

When we receive your money for a product, we will send you an email with payment confirmation with related product details. This email is called “payment confirmation” email.

Inquiry Thread

An inquiry thread is the place where you communicate with us and can view the total history of conversation related to a purchase. Every inquiry thread has a unique number. Please feel free to use the inquiry number to identify your inquiry…