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CIF Price

CIF price means the cost until the final destination port, in prior to the custom clearance condition. Car From Japan will make sure that the product gets shipped from Japan to you designated port of destination. The shipper assigned by Car…

How can I Change product recipient details?

You may change the product recipient details within 5 days since the invoice was issued to you. You may request such change in the same place where you put your first inquiry, the inquiry thread. Please note that changing the destination…

“Shipment Confirmation” email

When you have successfully paid for a product and we have already shipped the product to your indicated destination, we will send you an email with product and shipment details. This email is called a “Shipment Confirmation” email.

How do I handle the import in my country?

Car From Japan will make sure that the purchased product is shipped to your final port. The shipper in charge, will send you all standard documents required to release the product from your port including 2 original BLs, 1 original export…