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Shipment Information

Can my shipping schedule change?

Shipping schedules might change by few days due to unavoidable reasons like weather, routing of ships, etc. We are always communicating with shipping companies, to make your purchased product reach you in the shortest possible time.

How can I Change product recipient details?

You may change the product recipient details within 5 days since the invoice was issued to you. You may request such change in the same place where you put your first inquiry, the inquiry thread. Please note that changing the destination…

How can I track the documents that you send to me?

After we send you documents, we will email you the tracking number of those documents. The tracking number will also be shown in your account (in the inquiry thread), when you log in to Car From Japan. You may use the tracking number to…

How does Car From Japan confirm product shipment?

Car From Japan checks the BL (Bill of Lading) content to confirm, if your purchased product has been shipped to you or not. BL is a document issued by the shipping company, where the shipping company certifies the shipment, final…