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Glossary of Terms


Bill of Lading (BL) is a document issued by the shipping company, which certifies that the product has been shipped out and mentions product description & recipient.

Surrender BL

Each shipment usually takes from 4-5 weeks on average. However, in some cases in which the shipment of product is fast or the ETD is close to the ETA date, Car From Japan will surrender BL. In this case, NO original BL will be sent via…

Delivery Address

This is the address that Car From Japan uses to send all the necessary documents to you. We will send via DHL or EMS with tracking number for you to follow its route. The address must be precise or else it may result in the loss of…

Forwarding Agent

Forwarding agent is a person or company that can handle the transportation of the product from port of discharge to the buyer's destination country.