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* Import Regulations (Australia)

* Import Regulations (Australia)
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Major Shipping Destination:
Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney


Age restriction:
Age of the vehicle must be more than 20 years old (eg, 1992 year and before)


Delivery Time:
Approximately 8 weeks depending on the vessel schedule


No inspection is required if the car is above 15 yrs old.
Each vehicle imported must have an Import Approval Permit completed and approved by the DoTARs government Agency.

Note:  All information above is subject to change without notification.Please contact your local customs clearing agent and inquire for latest updates.

  1. Ben M Tembo says

    I am looking for a farm tractor together with a plough, a ridger and a harrow. Please assist.

    1. amin says

      we’ll send you email. please check & reply.

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