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* Import Regulation (Zambia)

* Import Regulation (Zambia)
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Age Restrictions:

There is no restriction for age before importation in Zambia.



There is the import regulation for all cars being imported into Zambia. These Used cars are required to have a JEVIC Road worthiness certificate (Japan Export vehicle inspection center). This is carried out by an independent company in Japan and ensures the road-worthiness of the vehicle. For regular cars the charge is $350, and it may be a little more expensive for large trucks and buses.

If Certificate is not belonging with the car, you have to pay the penalty on each of the cars you import. So, Please check with JEVIC inspection whether it is already included in the price or not. Also the vehicle has to meet the quality inspection by Jevic standard.


What is JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center) inspection?

JEVIC is a Japanese registered company and has been involved in pre-shipment inspections / certification of used vehicles in various forms since 2002.

Zambian government requires JEVIC inspection for the vehicles to be imported to the countries.

This may take up to 10 days depending on how busy the inspectors are.

Booking of your vehicle for shipment will be arranged once the JEVIC inspection is completed.

JEVIC Inspection fee of US$350 is included to your invoice and mentioned on it.

Please note that without JEVIC inspection certificate, penalty will be charged by your customs office.

Note:  All information above is subject to change without notification.Please contact your local customs clearing agent and inquire for latest updates.


Marine Insurance:

This will cover the cost of the vehicle if the vessel sinks, catches fire, or is destroyed totally during transit, cost of ‘general average’ cost of salvation, if vessel is rescued before sinking, cost of any parts stolen during transit.

Although Marine Insurance is not compulsory, it depends on the buyer.  


Recommended banks of Zambia:



Delivery Time:

Approximately 6-7 weeks depending on the vessel schedule.

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