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* Import Regulation (Uganda)

* Import Regulation (Uganda)
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Age Restrictions:

there are no age restrictions on the import of used cars and Right hand drive and Left hand drive both type of vehicles are permitted in Uganda.



Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has appointed JEVIC to conduct a compulsory inspection “Road Worthiness Inspection (RWI)” for the used cars to ensure that it meets certain standards. JEVIC is a strict used vehicle safety inspection test which ensures that the vehicle being imported has certain important things as genuine mileage, has no damage to the chassis, all lights are working, no major rust, has tyres that are safe enough to drive , has good working brakes and the constant velocity joints are not worn out. The car must not be harmful to the environment; it should not be emitting any toxic gases due to malfunctioning of engine and rusted parts.

What is JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center) inspection?

JEVIC is a Japanese registered company and has been involved in pre-shipment inspections / certification of used vehicles in various forms since 2002.

Ugandan government requires JEVIC inspection for the vehicles to be imported to the countries.

Booking of your vehicle for shipment will be arranged once the JEVIC inspection is completed.

JEVIC Inspection fee of US$350 is included to your invoice and mentioned on it.

Please contact your local clearing agent and ask them if you need JEVIC inspection before shipment or not.

Marine Insurance:

This will cover the cost of the vehicle if the vessel sinks, catches fire, or is destroyed totally during transit, cost of ‘general average’ cost of salvation, if vessel is rescued before sinking, cost of any parts stolen during transit.

Although Marine Insurance is not compulsory, it depends on the buyer.


Delivery Time:

Approximately 6-7 weeks depending on the vessel schedule.


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  1. Muhumuza Allan says

    Hello Car from Japan,
    I am a Ugandan who has been working with Be forward in Uganda as the head of sales.
    I have managed to lift Be forward in Uganda.
    Now the i have opened up my own Company in Uganda.
    I would like to submit in my proposal so that i can act as your agent in Uganda since i have not seen you in Uganda.
    I will be greatful for your reply .

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