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* Import Regulation (Egypt)

* Import Regulation (Egypt)
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Like other countries across the world, Egypt import used vehicles from Japan. Importing a vehicle is not a difficult process, but while importing a vehicle, importer should abide by all import regulations to clear customs smoothly. Importation of used vehicle is allowed in Egypt only for diplomats. Used vehicle imported should be under one year from its date of first registration in another country. Importation of only right hand drive vehicles is allowed in the country. Importation of diesel vehicles is strictly prohibited in the country.

Documents required:-

  • Original Certificate of Title and Registration
  • Original Commercial/Purchase Invoice
  • Original Passport
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Original Bill of Lading (BoL)
  • Authorization letter, locally issued in Egypt


Inspection is not must for the importation for Egypt.


Major shipping ports for used vehicles in Egypt are El Iskandariya (Alexandria), Port Said and Damietta. RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) shipping port is the common shipping method for vehicle shipment. However, on request of customers, more expensive yet safe shipment called container shipment method is used for vehicle shipment.

After the shipment it will take 35-45 days to reach to the port.

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