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* Import Duties & Taxes

* Import Duties & Taxes
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While importing used vehicle in Jamaica, it is important to know the duties and taxes. Below is a list of the different types of duties, taxes and fees, applicable to used vehicles imported.

  • Import duty ranges from 10-40%. It depends upon the commodity being imported.
  • General Consumption Tax (GCT)-
    It is applicable on all items except for Zero-rated and Exempted items.
    Current Rates: 17.5% on used vehicles.
  • Special Consumption Tax (SCT)-
    It is applicable to only some petroleum products. SCT rates vary depending on the item.
  • Common External Tariff (CET)-
    The rate of CET varies depending on the vehicle being imported.
    Current CET: 20% on Cars and Pick-ups whereas for Trucks, Vans and Buses CET is 10%.
  • Environmental Levy (ENVL)-
    This will be applicable on all items that will have an impact on the environment. The rate for ENVL is 0.5% and is calculated on CIF value.


Import duty and taxes are due when importing goods into Jamaica by a private individual or a commercial entity. These are calculated on the CIF value,  the sum of the value of the imported goods and the cost of shipping and insurance. In addition to duty, imports are subject to General Consumption Tax (GCT), Special Consumption Tax (SCT), Stamp Duty, Additional Stamp Duty, Standard Compliance Fee (SCF), and Environmental Levy.

Jamaica applies duties and tariffs of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) Common External Tariff.  Duty rates vary between 0% and 70%, with an average rate of 17.45%.

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