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Can I choose the car?

Can I choose the car?
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Winners may choose any vehicle from our website to meet particular importing rules and requirements of their country of residence. Grand Prize is valued at $5000 USD & 2nd Prize is valued at $3,000 USD. Winners of 3rd and 4th prizes will receive coupons (valid for 6 months); that can be used to by any car from the available stocks. You can check available cars from our website ( If the total invoiced price of the vehicle chosen is higher than the prize received, the winner needs to make the balance payment. 

If the vehicle chosen has less value than the prize, winner can use the balance winning amount in his/ her next purchase (balance amount will be valid for 6 months). Please note that we have all sorts of cars. We have cars priced lower than USD 500 & also higher than USD 400,000 in our stock. So, you will be able to find the car you want.

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