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5 Car Giveaways That Surprised The World

Around the world, car giveaway is not that uncommon. Oftentimes we see companies are giving away the car as a part of brand development or marketing. Those giveaways are a way to product promotion involving mere business interest. But you’d be happy to know that there are people who love to donate cars like candy; they just love it. From Saudi Arabia to the US, there are many philanthropists and rich celebrities who feel great by gifting cars. So, we present here 5 car giveaways that astounded the earthlings.

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Nigerian Pastor Gives Away 16 Cars and 16 SUVs

Joshua Iginla of Kubwa, Abuja gave away 32 vehicles, to many people’s surprise. But giving away cars and other things that common Nigerians cannot afford is nothing new for him.

Pastor Car Giveaway

Iginla is the senior pastor at a local church. The giveaway took place on this birthday. In his own words he doesn’t need all those fancy cars as a person can drive only one car at a time. And he pledged, if required he would happily give away his personal car as well.


Automobile Dealer Giving Away Guns With New Cars

A New Hampshire-based automobile dealership has surprised many when they offered AR-15 with new cars. One of the brains behind this idea explained that nowadays people feel more secured to own a gun. And the AR-15 is the most popular semi-automatic weapon in the US.

Ellen DeGeneres Surprises A Family

Chris Banford is an officer in the Army National Guard who requested Ellen to make his wedding anniversary special. The thing is this fella unlike past nine years could not make it celebrate the special day with his wife, Mary, who was sitting in the audience. Ellen called her up and surprised her with a brand new SUV.

Saudi Billionaire Alwaleed’s 10,000 Car Giveaway

Like other Saudi princes, Alwaleed bin Talal possesses billions of dollars of properties, cars, planes and many more. But one of the richest people in the world also wants to share this fortune with his fellow Saudis. To make his dream come true, prince Alwalkick-started started a $32 billion worth giveaway. And he took the first step by announcing to give away 10,000 cars. The prince has a big heart, no doubt about that.

Oprah’s Free Car Giveaway

What could be the most dramatic way to start a new season of your TV show? Perhaps Oprah knows the answer better than most of us. She started the 19th season of her show by giving away 276 cars to the audience members present in the studio. Everybody got a car. No wonder why people are so CRAZY about this whole Oprah thing 😉

So, what do you think about this car giveaway?


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