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Notable High Performance Motor Oil Brands

Notable High Performance Motor Oil Brands
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If you fall in the category of les gens that don’t pay much attention to their car, remembering when it’s time for an oil change might be difficult. All we know is we have to change it after every 3000 miles. However, when it’s high time to change the motor oil we find ourselves in disarray thinking what kind of motor oil to opt for. If you would be willing to pay a little higher than what you allocate normally, there remains a set of high performance motor oil brands which increases your vehicle’s performance and ensures longevity. Many of these high performance motor oil brands are made of synthetic and possess extra features which are suitable for specific markets. So, here we analyze some of the top motor oil brands.


A “Thin Film Oxygen Uptake Test” determines how well motor oil can perform, especially when it comes to resisting heat and oxygen breakdown. Amsoil, one of the market leaders, lasts longer than its competitors. Top motor oil brands are also evaporation resistant, that means they do not thicken easily and ensure superior protection. Moreover, some top motor oil brands remain liquid even when the temperature is as low as -58 degree!



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Amsoil has made it through a set of tests to determine which synthetic oil brand works better. Evidently, it outperformed other contenders who enjoy a commanding market share.

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Royal Purple

Royal Purple underscores its efficacy as a top-notch motor oil which is able to elevate the horsepower of a car already performing optimally. Furthermore, it reduces emission significantly and improves the existing condition of metal surfaces. And that’s why many high performance car users prefer Royal Purple in the first place.

To every household owing a car, Mobil 1 is a common name. In many past tests Mobil 1 had proved its effectiveness and surpassed many that of its competitors.

Picking the right engine oil for your auto may appear to be overwhelming yet the most ideal approach to begin is by looking at the starburst image that shows the oil has been tried and meets the models of the American Petroleum Institute (API). What’s more, there’s a 2-character benefit assignment on the holder. Programming interface’s most recent administration standard is “SL.” SL alludes to a gathering of research center and motor tests, including the most recent arrangement for control of high-temperature stores. Your third assignment is to pick the consistency (thickness) that is appropriate for the temperatures your vehicle typically works (under tight restraints your proprietors manual), and you’re finished. All things considered, not exactly. There’s a ton more to the story than that.


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