Auspicious Days For Purchasing Cars in October 2017

Well, call it belief or superstition, but, a large part of the world’s population believes in lucky days. Whether it’s your birthday or a date that is important to you, there is some day or the other that you may believe to be auspicious. Likewise people do believe that there are certain lucky days to buy car too. And, this October we bring you the very dates which are the luckiest for buying your very own car.

Lucky Days to Buy Car: Invest Your Money at the Right Time in October 2017

October comes as a very auspicious month in all aspects as Jupiter enters Scorpio on the 10th. Before that, it is a still a great time for your personal and professional uplift. As Jupiter and Scorpio meet, it’s a great time for gaining financial benefits from all fronts. This is what lies in store for you during the first half of the month, indicating that it is indeed a great time to buy a car.

So, here are the 3 lucky dates in October 2017 that predict the best results for you if you have been pondering over buying a car. Let’s see what these dates are.

October 5

Some Lucky Days to Buy Car
Get to know about some Lucky Days to Buy Car (photo source: luckybusiness/Depositphotos)

This date has a full moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra opposite right opposite. It means that you won’t be in a limbo anymore. If you have been pondering over buying a car, or been trying to close a deal on a pre-owned car, you will go ahead and do it. Spontaneity is going to be your best friend on the 5th of October, but don’t mistake impulsiveness for spontaneity.

Your decision of buying a car in October may pay you off well if you have been considering the deal before. Make sure you do your homework before jumping it. A well-thought purchase on the 5th will get your good return on investment.

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October 10

Here comes the time when Jupiter enters Scorpio – a great time for financial gains from all fronts. Others are willing to bestow you with financial benefits. So, it’s a good time to revise your mortgage options for the car. If that strikes, you are certainly in for purchasing your car.

Lucky Days to Buy Car for your house
Lucky days to buy car for a good deal (photo source: Shutterstock)

The good news is that people as close as parents or your spouse could help you with finances. There is also a chance of receiving an inheritance. Go and check your investments. A dividend may be due in October.

October 14

On this day, Venus enters Libra. This start marks negotiation for you. You will do it well. It is one of the lucky days to buy car in October 2017.

Negotiation will come naturally to you. In fact, you will own it and make everyone feel like they’ve got the biggest slice of the cake. If you have been eyeing a deal for the new car, go for it. Who knows you may end up buying a luxury car at the price of a hatchback.

October 25

The astrological calendar says that the 25th of October is an extremely lucky date to deal with money matters and making considerable expenditure. Whatever you spend on this day will pay you off in time to come.

October 31

This day is an extremely lucky day of the month, whether you are buying a car or making a marriage proposal, or going for a date. This last day of the month can prove to be very beneficial for you if you are looking forward to purchasing a car this month.

Try these great days for buying car in October 2017. Sometimes a little more than inside industry tips can also get you a good deal.