Import regulations of Japanese used cars in Dominican Republic

When it come to import car from other country then at first and most popular option is Japanese car for most of the people of the world. Along with new cars, even used cars from Japan are popular in many countries. Japanese automakers have lots of experience and knowledge of taste of automobile buyers. Japanese cars have lots of demand because of  their quality, reliability and fuel-efficiency. In Dominican Republic Japanese used cars are popular. But before you purchase any car from Japan, make sure you know all the Import regulations of Japanese used cars in Dominican Republic.

Importing Car From Japan to Dominican Republic is an easy process if the importer follows all the specified rules and regulations. The importer need to be present in the Dominican Republic for customs clearance of any car. In order to make sure that the car imported in the Dominican Republic meets the country’s safety standards and requirements, inspection is done on the car. Importation of left hand drive cars is permitted in the country. Imported second-hand car should be below 10 years of age from the year of production, and second hand van or buses (more than 10 seats) must be less than 7 years old and used Lorries must be less than 10 years old.

Document required:

  • An original or certified copy of the vehicle registration document.
  • Original Commercial/Purchase Invoice.
  • Original Bill of Lading.
  • Legal conveyance certificate.
  • Original certificate of vehicle inspection or legal copy of the country of origin.

As a new resident you can bring in a car at little or no duty if you have owned it for two years, and it is less than five years old. You can bring in a brand new car if you pay duty on it. Dominican Republic destination port is Rio Haina. Most of them uses Ro-Ro shipment, but based on order container shipment is also available. Among the Japanese car exporter Car From Japan is also one who offers big stock of Japanese used car with affordable price with the team of experts ensure all kind of activities related shipment so that you can get the best car in your place.