Car Industry News: Developments in the U.S Car Industry


The automotive or car industry is a competitive and very large industry. With its ever changing market keeping abreast of the car industries latest developments can be a worthy yet challenging task. The industry is a multi-billion dollar a year one. This year – 2015, the international car industry is believed to have a value of $904 billion. This shows evidence of a huge and lucrative market. In this post we will look at some of the latest car or automotive industry news and trace some of the most updated developments in the U.S car industry. 

Some of the latest developments in the car or automotive industry

To start looking at some of the latest developments in the car or automotive industry this blog post takes a look at the U.S light vehicle market through the month of June. To begin when looking at what the best or most popular car brand in the US is and what developments have come to fruition one must mention the top 3 U.S light motor vehicle brands which are as according to Automotive News: Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota. 

The Ford brand is sitting at 1,241,207 sales a 1.70% change since last evaluated (January). Toyota and Chevrolet are not too far behind. Chevrolet leads Toyota with 1,053,619 sales and a change of 2.5% since January. Toyota is just behind Chevrolet with 1,047,661 sales and a change of 5.2% since January. 

Now that we have taken a look at the developments in the market in terms of the top 3 bestselling brands in the U.S light motor vehicle industry through the month of June let’s take a look at some other automotive news or updates of interest in the car or automotive industry by looking now at the biggest gainers and losers of market share amongst car brands in the US recently. The following market share data is given for the first half ending in June of 2015.

In the first half of this year Jeep has been the biggest gainer with a 0.6 change in PCT points. The second biggest gainer in U.S is Subaru which has had a 0.3 change in PCT points in the first half of the year. In third place we have GMC with again a 0.3 change in PCT points in the first half. Now we have taken a look at the top 3 market share gainers in the U.S automotive industry for the first half let’s take a look at the biggest losers of market share.

To begin the biggest loser in market share in the U.S automotive market or car industry is Dodge who lost 0.8 PCT points. Following Dodge as the second biggest loser in market share is surprisingly Ford who has still sold more cars in the U.S during the first half than any other brand. They lost 0.4 PCT points. Lastly Honda made a loss of 0.3 PCT points when it comes to the U.S market during the first half of this year and the last few or more specifically two months. 

Lastly Japanese Used Cars also has a massive car industry or market. Despite the high cost the sale of Japanese used cars is still profitable. The price of used Toyota a reliable and well known Japanese used cars brand has dropped by .2% over the last two months giving them an average price of $17,803 according to Car Guru.