Even with the popularity of cars and the fact that over 95 per cent of adult Japanese have owned or entered Japanese used cars, only few people would be able to guess that among the car fun fact, a car has up to 30,000 parts.

If told to list the parts of a car, it would be easy to list maybe anything between 10 and 20 but over 80 per cent of adults would have gotten stuck before they are able to list up to 100. While parts of a vehicle like door, engine, radio, steering, seats, tires, exhaust pipes, radiator are easy to name, many people would even forget something like the hinge which holds the door to the car or the carpet in the car.

There is however other parts of the car that some people does not even know exist at all. Some of these parts include:


A cowling is a covering placed on the engine of a vehicle especially in aircrafts and cars. The uses of the cowling include cooling of the engine by directing the flow of the air, for reducing drag and for decoration.

Trim Package

Trim package is a mostly non-functional part of a vehicle which is just a sort of embellishment to a car. Ending name or specific model of a car sometimes ends the trim package. Examples of trim package include color variations, paint patterns, use of stainless steel or plastic to divide paint regions, applied graphics and vinyl roof covers on the exterior of a car amongst others.


A fascia is a decoration which is found on the dashboard of a car. Soft plastic materials were used in the rear and front parts of a car. These soft plastic materials are also known as Fascia. The bumper, headlamps and grille found in the front of a car are also known as Fascia in modern times.

Quarter Panel

Quarter panel is a sheet of metal found between the door and the bonnet or between the rear door and the trunk.


A tappet is a projection which helps in creating linear motions to some other parts within a system in Japanese used cars.

Crankase Ventilation System

A Crankcase ventilation system is a means which allows gases to pass in an organized way from the internal combustion engine’s crankcase. This prevents pressure from gathering inside the crank case. It is thus a sort of control measure for the pressure inside of a crankcase.

Glowplug are basically found in Japanese used cars that run on diesel. This is because it used to be difficult for cars to start when the weather is cold. Glowplug is a device that has the ability to heat up without which the vehicle will not be able to start. It also reduces the cranking time required for a diesel engine to start.

Some other examples of not too popular parts of a Japanese used car include tachometer, electronic timing controller, odometer, dynamometer, clinometer, front clip, valance, pillar and hard trim as well as spoiler amongst many others.