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5 Things You Should Know About Google Self-Driving Car Technology

Waymo, the subsidiary of Google’s parent company, has developed the Google self-driving technology. This Google controlled company has done the testing of the autonomous cars without any safety driver at driver’s position.

Began with the testing in 2009, this company aims to provide a safe vehicle to the public soon, so that they can commute to work or, go on a short trip or, for some task to be accomplished.

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From where It All Started

Due to high traffic fatalities, the automotive companies have gained a lot of courage to work towards these self-driving car advancements. With big names like Google, the other industries like Tesla and Audi have also invested a lot of time and capital in this technology.

However, Google still being a little ahead of them has presented five facts about their driverless cars which everyone must know.

1. Not planning but about to Launch

With the Waymo launching, a fully autonomous ride-hailing service has decided to bring the vehicle on public roads without any human driver. Their confidence in its launching has upsurge after the testing on the roads of Arizona. Within next few months, the company will begin the riding in its fleet of modified Fiat Chrysler Pacifica minivans.

At the beginning, the service would be available to those who are already the part of this trial. Furthermore, a Waymo’s employee would accompany initially but after a while, people would be traveling alone in the robotic car. In fact, the company will be providing this service free of cost but would start charging for the journeys at some point later.

2. Safety in Driverless cars

To have the vehicle on roads without a person at wheel made Waymo experts use their industry knowledge. As a result, it introduced some unique safety features in the Google self-driving technology.

This safety feature in the car runs thousands of checks on itself every second. With this advancement, if there is any problem in the system then, it can be diagnosed instantly, bringing the car to a safe stop.

Google self-driving technology unique safety
Features in Google self-driving technology

3. Looming in the Competition

The company has moved ahead in the development and roll out of the fully self-driving vehicle. While most of the companies have the driver in the backseat during the testing stage in order to control the car, if the system fails. However, the automated Chrysler Pacifica Minivans of Google is running the test from last two months, without a human back up. These trials and new service of Google has left its competitors like Delphi, General Motors, Intel, and Tesla, behind.

4. Turning Profitable

The Google has tested its car in almost six states across the US, with Michigan being the latest. With more than eight years of testing on public roads, this self-driving technology has even drawn the attention of ride-hailing firms like Uber. As many experts perceive that, these companies would begin their service with Google cars in the future in order to make money on their own.

5. Best in Autonomous Features

The enhanced vision system, improved radar, and laser-based Lidar-technology in Google’s self-driving cars have proven to be the best. Many researchers have found that the Google self-driving technology is 5000 times better than the ones offering the same; which allows driver-free operations.

Google self-driving technology foundation
Google self-driving technology features

Knowing these facts has now proved the automotive industry pros wrong who stated that no one would own this car in 20 years.