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5 Questions To Ask When Buying Used Cars

When you have created a shortlist of used cars that you are eyeing to buy, you should assess their condition and history thoroughly. To do so you can ask some questions over the phone that will give you a clear idea on the condition of the used cars. Based on the answers from the dealership, you can decide whether to go forward. When buying from a private party, you don’t have to jump into those concluding questions straightaway. You can get started by asking softer questions on model, color, make etc. Then, get into these pin pointers.


“How many miles have been covered?”

If the average mileage per year is less than 5,000 or 20,000 miles, then ask for the exact reason. Often the seller can try to assure you by adding that all those miles were recorded on highways. If that’s indeed true, then the car is good to go. Low mileage on the other hand is better than a higher amount of stop-and-go-driving mileage; but it doesn’t always necessarily mean that the car is in good condition.

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“What’s in the car?”

Even if the seller claims to have enlisted all the features, ask them about anything and everything. Double check on things like sunroof, sound system, A/C, air bags, mirrors, power windows, upholstery material, and  antilock brakes.


“What’s the present condition of the car?”

This is a broad question which forces the seller to make or break it. While answering in detail, he or she may come up with things that you didn’t think about.


“What about the interior and the body?”

Shoot this question if the seller seems not so interested in bringing up these two.

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“Has there been an accident?”

If the answer is ‘positive’, then, ask about the pattern of the accident; damages; cost of repair; and repair history. Some minor scrapes will not give you that much trouble; so, it’s better to ignore them.


“Can you show me some service record?”

The used car you are looking forward to buy should have proper maintenance performed; and that is also on a regular basis. You have every reason to feel spooky if the seller claims to have taken proper care of the car but fails to show relevant servicing records. For any spare part replacement there should be separate receipts, too. The car’s odometer reading, to be found in the repair receipts given by the shop, is an easy way to verify if everything is in order.


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    The used cars of being sold are necessarily not having some problem in it, they might be in good condition and tso you all have the right to ask the seller such types of questions. As I have been a buyer of used car and seller as well so I know it.

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