5 Common Myths About Buying A Used Car

There should be no stress related when you buy used cars. Unnecessary stress is fuelled by some common myths or misconceptions that are in reality found to have no ground. We discuss here 5 common misconceptions to help you avoid them when buying a used car.

1. Magazine reviews are the way to know everything.

Today a common trend is relying on car magazines to know everything about a car. This is not always the best practice. To know every ins and outs of a car, you have to go over all the available sources.

2. An expanded coverage or warranty is a hoax.

At Car From Japan, you can find many cars with an existing warranty. Moreover, you can also negotiate the price of the warranty like the price when you buy a used car.

3. You get a warranty instantly after buying a car.

There is no automatic warranty when you buy used cars from a dealership. And when you get one, get to know what will be covered under that and how long will that be valid. A warranty doesn’t necessarily cover the whole car; to know what’s covered and what’s not, shoot all the questions you have in mind.

4. A vehicle history doesn’t always mean the car is in good condition.

Though a vehicle history report can be a reliable source of vital information about the vehicle you are willing to buy, it lacks the details of repair work done in the past. Furthermore, it is not a way to know about a problem that may arise in the future. Only a proper test drive can help you regarding this. In newer models, look for electrical problems.

5. Car guide prices are definitive

In reality, they are not. The price in a guide is calculated based on the trend in a particular area. They don’t deduct the cost of past damages and recurring issues.

It is true that you need to take some precautions before buying a used car. But before you gave your words, be sure to inspect the car thoroughly. And, never ever forget to take a test drive. It’s the key. Don’t rely on some magazine or other sources; their assessment is not YOURS. There is something unique about every car, and only you can tell the best whether it suits you.