Why you should buy a SUV (sport utility vehicle)

Lately, there is a sudden increase of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV)s on African roads. Part of the reason we work for a living is to obtain the things we want, including our choice of cars. Yes, SUVs use more fuel than most cars, but there are hybrid SUVs being manufactured that address that concern. The latest Toyota Surf is one example, and it appears to be a good one. Watch for even more SUV hybrids to be introduced if buyers demand them.

Some of the compact SUVs get fairly decent fuel mileage–shifting downwards in size is probably a good option for many drivers. Another trend to watch for is the addition of clean-burning diesel engines to SUVs.

Whether the reason for owning an SUV is “valid” or not, if it’s what one wants to drive, and has the means, it should be what’s in his garage.

Not sure if you should buy an SUV? Here are five of the most common reasons people give for buying a sports utility vehicle. Are they good reasons? You’ll be the judge.

Seating capacity and power
People will go out of their way to buy a SUV if they need a combination of pulling capacity and passenger seating. It’s true that many SUVs are capable of towing over 3 tons and most of them seat five passengers; some even offer third row seating.

Safer and stable
For car lovers who fancy more safety and a higher ground clearance, these feel an SUV is a safer vehicle because it’s larger and heavier built. And they like a vehicle with taller seating. There have been concerns about rollover, but most manufacturers are working on systems to minimize the risk.

Space, comfort and more legroom
For buyers that want a bigger cargo capacity and feel that an SUV holds more than a station wagon, their reason for buying one is valid. The cargo area of an SUV may indeed be taller, but in many instances is not as long as that of a station wagon. Whichever way, the SUV is the ultimate choice for this kind of need.

Terrain handling
A great number of African roads are not in a state that a smaller car can handle. If one wants a vehicle that will get around better in the mud and uneven roads, then buying an SUV is the ultimate choice. While this may be true, when you compare an SUV to a rear wheel drive car, it may or may not be the case when compared to a front wheel or all -wheel drive car with proper tyres.

The final verdict
Most people buy an SUV because they can. It may not truly fit any of their needs, but it fulfills their wants. For people that appreciate good styling, SUVs are currently in vogue.

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