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What makes Peugeot 2008 a safer car

What makes Peugeot 2008 a safer car? It’s the braking system that make it safe and special. You may not know exactly what it does, but you have heard of ABS brakes. Then came ESP EBD RRF, AFU… Keep calm, they are not just an array of acronyms, but each represents a tool for the safety of the drivers. In recent years, the car industry invested heavily upon brake system and traction to make the Japanese used cars more stable to break during the emergency and needy times.

When it comes to brakes, the first great revolution was the invention and installation of the disk brake in the place of drum system. With this system, braking is much more efficient. In the beginning, disk brakes are only available for the front wheels, however, it is always good to have them on the four wheels.

Safety when braking with AFU and REF

The emergence of emergency brake assist and electronic braking distributions paved the way to the ABS braking systems. The REF distributes the braking pressure between the front and rear to give more stability to the car. The system is also known as EBD. Already, the AFU has been responsible for decreasing the effort required of the driver on the pedal while increasing the pressure on the brakes to stop faster. This system is also known as BAS. This system came to the market in 2008 and also brings the REF and the AFU to help the driver to stop the car safely.

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The stability 

To assist in handling the braking system, the car industry comes up with the ESP system, which means the Electronic stability program. It has the features to correct the trajectory of the car when the driver exceeds the limit of stability. Through sensors, ESP identifies the risky circumstances and put the vehicle in the “tracks”. With regards to the ESP system, it helped several adventure drives to keep the car in the proper direction while driving through hilly regions. It takes control of the car within two seconds during while riding the car up and down. This is just the time required for a driver to control the car safely.

In addition to the brakes, the traction system also evolved during these years to give more safety to the driver. Today, sensors help the drivers to direct the power of the engine directly to the wheels, either by turning or torn out. The most recent car Peugeot 2008 brings a novelty in this sector that is the Grip Control. It is an anti-lock system that improves motor function in different terrains. With a control on the console of the car, the driver chooses one of the five modes of operation while it is in action. With that technology in action, the Peugeot 2008 has more grip than any other Japanese used cars. The five operating modes of the grip control are normal, sand, snow, mud and ESP off.

Seeing things well is also the fundamental part of security. The new Peugeot 2008 is equipped with a Cornering function, which turns on the fog light when it is required. This certainly increases the visibility in risky conditions. In order to make this clearer, it comes with six airbags and belts.

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