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Toyota IST – A great option in the mini car world

The Toyota IST has been in the market since long with the basic concept from the –ist suffix that means unique or hold on to. It has been available all across Japan, and the first generation was based on Toyota Platz platform. Being a typical Toyota Kaizan concept of continuous improvement remained intact and things got better over the years. The IST is loved in Malawi for its fuel economy, compact size and of course affordable cost.

The Engine Effect

The Toyota IST review of engine best tells the strategy behind this mini version. The smaller displacements were employed for fuel economy. The engine range comes in 1.3 L, 1.5 L and 1.8 L having a fine balance between size and weight to support. The performance is optimized because of this with better grip on road to support. The suspension further provides maneuvering ease with slip controlled in an appropriate way. The manual transmission gives power to change gear in hand while the automatic transmission provide true taste of automation with human involvement reduced. All these combined are good for the African terrain that is mostly hilly.

The Specs Effect

The specs are fully loaded inside out that makes the vehicle have a tantalizing effect on viewers inside (passengers) and outside (passer-by). The exterior has the Alloy Wheels to support the tires with image boosting mechanism in hand. The Roof Rail is there for luggage carriage ease and tough look enhancement. The headlight and taillight illuminate road with LED effect in multiple trims so whether it is night and/or Fogy drive the experience is never low grade.

The interior is cozy with Temperature Control System that is centralized in many cases, though the latest models have individual temperature regulator on each seat. The Power Window and Power Steering further make small input produce greater and smooth output. Hence the glass on car door and steering wheel work to perfection in such case.

Toyota IST is a good choice for car buyers in Africa because of the sturdiness and compact nature.

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