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Ford Fiesta Car Review

Today we will take a look at a car review of the sporty, good looking and popular Ford Fiesta. The choice of this car for the blogs car review is justified by the fact that it is a very popular new car to buy that does not set you back to much as, they go for £10,145 to £19,545 making it competitively priced enough even to compete with the Japanese used cars market. The international car market is full of various quality options with the Ford Fiesta being one. So without any other time being wasted let’s start our Ford Fiesta car review.

Ford Fiesta the Pro’s

Spacious and Comfortable to drive.

The Ford Fiesta unlike many other hatchbacks is both spacious and comfortable to drive. It has a rather well spaced and relatively large interior and the seats are very comfortable to sit in. These two aspects combined with its relatively low price makes the Ford Fiesta a desirable and clever option to buy if you’re after a hatchback or super-mini that is.

A bit of Zip

The Ford Fiesta has been described as being “superb to drive’ and the car also boasts good handling skills making the already spacious and comfortable drive quick and even more comfortable.

Stylish Looks and Zany Colors

The Ford Fiesta is stylish both inside and out. Its flashy yet highly attractive looks are further extended with a stylish and as previously mentioned spacious interior. It is a stylish and attractive car both inside and out.

The cars unique good looks are further amplified by a large range of zany colors to choose from. You can get the car is available in 9 or more different colors (depending on the model bought) ranging from “Blazer Blue” including “Frozen White” to “Race Red” the cars colors are quite spectacular.

Ford Fiesta the Con’s

Not the Most Versatile

Before I state the following point I must state that the Ford Fiesta is a versatile car but I had to look for some problem with it to mention in my con’s which has proven a very difficult thing to do so the main con is that some other car market group competitors is not as versatile as the best. I will stress again – this does not make the car not versatile it could just be a little more.

Standard Equipment

The second con is that the standard equipment included in this blog car review is that the Ford Fiesta standard equipment is a bit lacking and their trims are cheaper. It is all in all a beautiful car to buy, own and drive. This car by Ford is well priced helping Ford keep its popularity and able to compete perhaps with the best hatch backs whilst being not much more expensive than some of the many Japanese used cars available on the international market.

In conclusion the Ford Fiesta can even compete with Japanese used cars prices, perhaps with a bit of an extra investment but not much extra and is a spacious and comfortable hatchback that handles well and looks just as good. It is highly recommended.

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