7 reasons why Tanzanians prefer the Toyota IST

With the popularity of the Toyota IST in Tanzania, it is definitely clear that its makers have not treaded a dead market. Lately a lot of Tanzanians have embraced this sleek car – making it one of the most imported Japanese used cars. Here is the reason why.

Target market: Research shows that the Toyota IST was made for couples and singles between 30-40 years of age with a speculation that this is a young and vibrant group of individuals who want to own a simple car, not a $72,970 Escalade. According to the basic Tanzania demographics, 29.5% of the country’s population is between 25-54 years. Many of these are below 40 years old, employed or engaged in personal business – proof enough that the Toyota IST is not hitting a dead market.

The looks – something sleek and beautiful: With the above target market, the Toyota IST came in as one of the many choices for the young and vibrant Tanzanian market. In accordance to our list of Japanese most imported used cars, this holds a front position. Additionally, ground testimonials reveal many individuals saying, “I bought this because I liked what I saw.” In other words, the looks contributed to their choice of purchase.

The interior: Most Toyota IST buyers in Tanzania testified that the car’s interior is something they were looking for. A good number of them said that it was things like comfortable seats with enough legroom plus a bright interior that contributed to their choice of purchase.

Simple urban mobility: For many Tanzanians especially those living and working in and around urban centers, they testified to that fact that the Toyota IST came in as a solution to what they always wanted – a car fit for town service.

Size: The Toyota IST is 4 meters long and 2 meters wide. For a typical Tanzanian who works in the city center this means a lot when it comes to finding parking space. More to this is the split collapsible rear seats which make the large boot even more larger. It is therefore a combination of these that many have based to make the purchase.

Modern car accessories. The Toyota IST is fully fledged with a good audio system that prides itself with a CD player, mp3 and radio. The other thing is the manual air conditioning and much better safety driving wares such as stable seat belts and twin airbags.

Fuel consumption. Reliable and low fuel consumption is another excellent feature that inspires many Tanzanians to run for the Toyota IST.

There is technically more to the Toyota IST but for the ordinary Tanzanian, it is a combination of all the above simple reasons that has made the Toyota IST a Tanzanian favorite.