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Protect Car Paint: 5 Useful Ways to Follow

Protect Car Paint: 5 Useful Ways to Follow
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So many little things can happen in a day that can damage your car’s paintwork. You may don’t even have any idea that those tiny splattered bugs or cheeky writings with fingers on a vehicle’s body can ruin the painted surface. Fortunately, the ways to protect car paint are not rocket science. You just have to be careful and follow some drills to keep the shine intact.

5 Useful Ways to Protect Car Paint

The cosmetic appearance is the biggest draw of an automobile. You may drive a latest Lexus model or an Alpha Romeo from the ‘80s, but people will only admire it when its paint is gleaming like a mirror. Let’s check some ways to keep it new forever.

Don’t write on the car with your finger

It’s fun and many of us do it whenever we get the chance to lay our hands on a dirty car. It’s a big ‘NO’ because dragging the fingers on the dirt can leave deep scratch marks on the body. Your finger will act like a sandpaper grinding on the dirt remains, and make them penetrate through the paintwork.

protect car paint
Regular car washing will take care of the paintwork.

Wash regularly

But stay away from dish detergent! It hurts the paint. Use a high-quality car wash chemical and apply it with a foam pad applicator. Then, rub the body with a fine-grade car wash Mitt and then wash thoroughly with clean water. A microfiber towel would be the best option to wipe dry the body. Additionally, you can spray a detailing lubricant and run another Mitt in a circular motion to apply it all over the car. Finally, wipe dry with another towel.

If regular washing is not possible, at least wipe down the car every day with a duster to prevent unexpected sanding.

Apply paint sealant

You have to use it only once or twice a year. It will protect car paint by creating a protective layer over it. You have to mix a bonding agent with the sealant, and the measure is normally 1 tablespoon of the agent in ½ cup of sealant. Increase or decrease the amount depending on the size of your vehicle but it’s important to keep that 4:1 ratio. Apply the mixture in a circular motion on one section at a time. When it changes the texture, rub with a towel in the same circular motion.


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Wax to keep up the shine

You have to use the wax the next day after applying the paint sealant. In addition, you can use it every month or week, particularly if you use the spray or liquid versions. The paste wax lasts longer and doesn’t need frequent applications.

car waxing
Waxing keeps away corrosive materials.

There are many toxic and corrosive ingredients such as bird droppings, road grime, tree sap, etc. that stick to the paint and cut through. Wax will prevent these things to do any damage.

Synthetic coating

It’s a much newer paint treatment ingredient and a good alternative to wax. Just apply a ceramic or polymer coating for once and it will protect car paint for more than 6 months! Although it can’t produce the mirror-like shine like a high-quality wax coating, it proves to be more efficient in keeping things from sticking to the paint.

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