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Learn How to Change Oil in a Car

If you are familiar with how to change oil in a car, you can save big. And the saving could be as high as $100 for every 3000 miles. In this article, we discuss in detail how to change oil in a car.   


Before you start the process, here is some information that you need to get first:

Oil filter model number

Drain plug size of the oil pan

The exact location of the oil pan

Whether a special wrench is necessary to access the filter


For example: Oil grade: 10W-30, type: synthetic, and amount: 5.5 liters

Beware: Never get under the vehicle without placing wheel chocks, ramps and jack stands first.

The whole process may vary a little for different vehicles, but in general it is the same. Go over your owner’s manual to know about any particular requirements and warnings before proceeding to the maintenance work.


Required Tools and Materials:

  • Oil
  • Rags
  • A torque wrench (not mandatory)
  • Something to catch the used oil in
  • An oil Filter
  • A strap wrench or other suitable wrench for removing an oil filter
  • An ½-inch ratchet and appropriate socket for your oil pan drain plug


Set up Everything

Once you have got all required tools and supplies to perform the maintenance, park the vehicle on a flat and hard terrain. Make sure the location is devoid of incoming traffic. A private driveway or garage is a suitable option. Let your vehicle cool down first, especially if you were driving for many hours. Once it has cooled, run the engine only for a few minutes to warm up the oil slightly.


Jack up the Car

Following owner’s manual, use the jack points to lift the vehicle to place it onto the jack stands, or else, place the car onto ramps and put wheel chocks behind the rear tires.

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Open the Drain Plug and Fill Cap

Once you have lifted the car and its position is stable, open the hood and loosen the cap, but do not remove it altogether to avoid engine contamination.

The catch pan should go under the oil pan and dismantle the plug. Make sure the oil is not warm, to avoid an accident.


how to change oil in a car


Change the Filter

After you have drained the oil or have reduced it to a slight drip, dismantle the oil filter; only to put it to the side. Use clean oil to lubricate the plastic ring and replace the old filter with a new one.


Replace the Plug and Add Oil

At this moment, the oil may have completely drained away. Now, change the plug in the pan. Torque the bolt following the manufacturer’s tightness specific. Add one quart of engine oil at a time, and check to see if there is sufficient volumes between quarts. Don’t forget to look for any leaks under the car.

As the dipstick maintains that a proper engine oil level is there, tighten the oil filler cap.


Lower the Car and Check Oil Level

Now lower down your car so that it touches the ground and inspect the oil level. Turn on your engine and run it for a few minutes and inspect the dipstick once again. If required, add more oil.
With this, you have successfully performed a car oil replacement and saved a lot of your hard earned cash. Since every car is different, you should contact your car dealership or follow the manual specifically to get more oil change tips.


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