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Know Here About The Symptoms Of Bad Valve Seals

Many car owners do not realize that valves play a vital role. These control the amount of air and fuel mixture in the cylinders for combustion. The sleeves on the valve prevent the combustion gases from passing through them. Besides, the seal on top of the valves keeps the oil in the cover from being suck down into the engine. The seals, made from heavy-duty rubber easily fit over the valve’s top inside a small collar. However, when the valves start to wear out, then one can easily detect it if they know the symptoms of bad valve seals.

The Top Three Symptoms Of Bad Valve Seals

Any problem with the car valve is a serious one, especially when it includes the engine. For your vehicle to perform at its maximum capacity, valves with proper seals are crucial. Any issue with the seal or valve means you would have to rebuild the car’s motor to restore it back to working condition. Pay attention to the information below to know about the symptoms of a bad valve seals in your car. You can also browse online to know the best maintenance tips for your car engine valve.

1. Ticking/Popping Noise

When it comes to issues with your car valve, a ticking or popping noise is the first to make its presence felt. At times, you might notice these issues arriving before any other problem. When you accelerate the engine, the noise gets louder. It means that some of the train components of the valve are out of alignment or have worn out. The last thing reason can be the car engine not getting enough lubrication.

The majority of cars have hydraulic lifters. These require continuous lubrication and constant pressure. In case, the pressure gets a bit off, then it would increase excessive movement in the valve train. Remember, that tricking or popping noises are first of the symptoms of bad valve seals in your car.

What You Didn't Know About Symptoms of Bad Valve Seals
The majority of cars have hydraulic lifters

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2. Engine Power Loss

The second sign of your car valves having issues is a decrease in engine power and performance. Automobile manufacturers design car valves to fit into their seats perfectly, and minimize free movement. In case, the valve guides and seals are leaking, oil can accumulate on top of the valve and cause it to lose the seat or create a gap. It could further lead to issues with compression, which would cause poor combustion and power loss.

Another issue involves burnt valves, which are responsible for causing issues with engine power. When a valve burns, it loses material and has large holes, which leak out gases and decrease the compression rate. The most common reason for burnt valves includes leaking seals and guides. It can also include them failing to fix an issue with the car compression. When this issue combines with a cooling system or EGT (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) issue, the chances of a burnt valve increases. It is another bad valve stem seals symptoms, which one should not ignore at any cost.

3. Blue Smoke From the Tailpipe

Blue smoke coming from the tailpipe is a sure sign that the car engine has some issue. Although the blue smoke is not a result of issues with the car valve, yet is a common indication. When the valve guides and seals wear, it permits oil to pass through to the combustion chamber and be burned with the car fuel. Car owners would also notice that oil levels continue to drop, or one needs to add oil more than often.

Although the amount of blue smoke noticed with the valve guide and seal failure is small and hardly noticeable, but if large amounts are present, you might have damaged piston rings.

What You Should Know About Symptoms of Bad Valve Seals
If large amounts are present, you might have damaged piston rings


Thus, we hope that this blog made you understand the symptoms of bad valve seals in details. Remember, you should not tamper with any car part to repair the issue, but rather take it to an automobile repair expert to get the issue sorted.