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The Hex Wrench Set: An Effective Tool

The hex wrench set is a tool to manipulate a special type of bolt. In some situations, it can do wonder for you. So, it is worth having a hex wrench set at your disposal.


What Is Hex Wrench?

We commonly call it hex wrench because of its hexagonal shape. In traditional wrench you will find vise structures either to grip a bolt or to cover it, if it is a socket wrench. The hex wrench however adjusts in a variety of hardware. Altogether they come in a progressive set.


How to Use a Hex Wrench

The hexagonal space in the middle of a bolt head is the ideal place for the hex wrench to fit in. Upon insertion, you can turn the hex wrench either counterclockwise or clockwise. The disadvantage of hex wrenches is that they are tiny and don’t have a traditional handle; so getting a grip could be a tough job. Moreover, putting too much pressure will bend the hex wrench. However, you can avoid these shortcomings by getting a quality hex wrench set.


what is hex wrench


Hex Wrench Details

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You can use hex wrenches with both short and long sides. Hex wrenches usually look like the English alphabet “L”. And they work finely on small bolts.

The features of hex wrenches include high torque loosening and tightening. Moreover, the multiple sides are just good enough to get a firm grip. First-cast steel is the ideal component for hex wrenches to ensure maximum power.


Hex Wrench Sets

When shopping for hex wrench sets, you will find different options available in the market. Loose wrenches allow you to work with both short and long sides; so the wrenches are effective in different situations. This will come handy particularly when working on an engine.


Hex Wrench Pricing

A hex wrench set may cost you about $20-$100, depending on the type of tool you are using. However, you should invest a little generously to get hex wrenches that are easy to grip.


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