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Car Hard Starting Problems: 5 Things to Watch Out

Car Hard Starting Problems: 5 Things to Watch Out
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Hard starting problems are not a life-threatening malfunction, but these can be irritating and make getting around difficult. Think about jumping into your car, turning the key in the ignition, but it just cranks a few time. Frustrating, right? Well, there could be several causes of hard starting, and you need to check everything from the fuel system to the starter motor to find out the culprit.

5 Things that Cause the Hard Starting Problems

These issues mainly occur in winter season as cold temperature affects an automobile in various ways. Especially, if you park outdoors in a cold night, you may notice the hard starting problems in the morning.

Low Level of Fuel

You need to keep the fuel tank full or at least half full during the colder months. It’s easier for the low temperature to condense a small amount of fuel than a full tank. So, if the oil level gets too low, the fuel line may freeze because of the condensation, preventing the fuel distribution to the engine. The result is having difficulty in starting the car in the morning.

Causes of hard starting
Parking outside in the cold could be a trouble.

Thick Oil

The fuel can get thicker for two reasons – low temperature and not doing an oil change at the recommended time. As you know, a liquid cannot flow quickly if it is condensed. In that case, the engine has to push around a lot to spin and start because not much oil can get into the fuel line and the engine.

You will need to change the oil filter regularly too. It catches dirt and particles over time, and these things can get into the oil and the engine, contaminating them gradually.

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Slow Battery

Extreme cold can affect the battery performance too. It produces electrons through chemical reactions, but the process slows down in low temperature. As a result, it generates fewer electrons and supplies less than sufficient energy to the starter. The same issue can occur in the case of a worn out battery.

Bad Starter

It’s one of the hard starting problems that you cannot avoid. At one time or another, the starter motors will wear out and suffer a breakdown. You should check the starter when absolutely nothing happens after turning the ignition switch, or the car turns over slowly with faint dash lights.

hard starting problems
Hard starting makes getting around difficult.

Failing Solenoid

Looking like a cylindrical coil of wire, it’s a part of the starter system that will cause starting problems if worn out or failed. A diagnosis of the starter will help you to determine whether the glitch is with the motor or the solenoid. If the second one is defective, you have to replace it.

Worn out Ignition Switch

It’s one of the most common causes of hard starting. As it tends to deteriorate over time, you will need to replace it when it stops working. If the switch feels hot to touch, there must be a problem with its wiring.

  1. ADVIN says

    Thanks a lot, now I know the problem of my car’s hard start in the morning

  2. Japheth says

    I have a Toyota platz 2nz four wheel, my problem is that the gear box fails to pick from level two to three. I replaced the gear box recently.

  3. Darwin says

    Good day. I have to ask my 1997 honda city with engine ph13. When i start at first it’s just ok, but when the temperature goes around half and then I turn it off. And start it back again it will be very hard it seems like you have a battery discharge when i tried to start. But when the temperature goes around 1/4 down. It starts again in normal. I recently have gone to my mechanic to do the tune up before this things happen. Very much appreciated on your quick advise thank you.

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