Car Rust Repair: Repairing a Rust Hole in a Car

No matter how advanced coatings and chemical alloys the manufacturers use to protect cars and vehicles, they will ultimately meet their inevitable fate – catching rust. Many good-conditioned cars go to early graves because of this problem. However, catching rust does not make your car unfit until it causes structural damage, which mostly happens if small rust damages are left unchecked. You can keep your car up and running for a long term with regular maintenance and car rust repair.

Understanding Rusting Processes and Car Rust Repair

Understating the types of rusting will make the auto body rust repair easier for you.

Surface Rust Damage

Surface rust is a minor problem that appears in paint nicks, scratches, and cracks due to the breaking down of paint through mechanical or UV damage. It does not damage the structure, but a quick fix is recommended to prevent further damage.

Auto rust repair of surface rust problem is just like general paint repair. Just clean the rust and corrosion with sandpaper and then apply primer and paint. Finally, polish to blend the finishes.

Scale Rust Damage

Scale rust happens when your car’s steel body surface collects rust. Fix the problem by leveling the rough body surface with a grinding wheel and then polishing with sandpaper. Finally, dab the affected area with a coat of primer and paint to make the car look just like a new one.

Penetrating Rust Damage

Penetrating rust creates holes in the body of the car. It can happen if you keep your car exposed to rust for a prolonged period. The car rust repair of such damage requires complete replacement of the affected panel or cutting out the damaged part and welding a patch panel in that place. However, both the process needs to be done in a repair facility unless you are an expert and have all the proper tools and supplies.

car rust repair

Photo Credit: Superior Fleet & Auto Body Repair

Repairing a Rust Hole in a Car

In case small size holes appear in the body panels of your car, without being damaged in the structure, you can repair it by yourself and prevent the rust damage from spreading. Apply the following method of rust repair if it is a small home in the outer layer of metal in the car’s body panel.

Use sandpaper to scrape off the loose paint surrounding the rust spot, and to sand off the rust. If there are additional layers of rusted, chipping metal under the outer surface, scrape off that too. Spray the affected area with a rust converter primer. Keep it overnight until the spray is dry and settled. Next day, sand off the surrounding area of the hole again and remove the paint around the hole. Apply the primer again and then dab a coat of paint.

Congratulation! You’ve successfully done your car rust repair.