The Best Japanese Family Cars

People are looking for the best family car always prefer Japanese, as they consider them reasonably priced, easy to drive and affordable to repair. In addition to all this, the cars keep a very good resale value. Japanese family cars are famous all over the world. People like Japanese family cars for their practicality, reliability, and comfort. The prices vary. The spectrum is really large, starting from cheap to high prices.

If one has a large family, he/she would want to buy a good and reliable car for the family. So, in order to determine which Japanese car to choose, here is a list of 5 best Japanese family cars.

1. Toyota Camry

Most people underestimate the Camry. As it does not have breathtaking acceleration and easy handling, many do not like it. But it is really the best family car with comfortable seats and reliable drive. The passenger space is big, controls are easy to use and comfort levels are high. It may be surprising for many, but yes, Toyota Camry is a good car for a family.

2. Honda Accord

Usually, cars cannot become best-sellers if they are good. People like the Accord very much. People buy Honda Accord for its spacious and classy interior, the high level of equipment. In 2016, the Accord has been revised, the suspension was retuned, and they added a new interior trim, and finally, support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Accord is really safe to drive and easy to keep.

3. Toyota Sienna

The Sienna is a great choice as a family car, having available space up to eight occupants. This car has an option of all-wheel drive. This Toyota is a refined model of 2011 edition, offering all the comforts and the best conditions for using with the whole family.

4. Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy is a straightforward car, having all the best conditions for driving in any season and weather. You can feel safe when the weather is bad and nasty. It again has quite a big space for family. When the car is plenty of people, the car has all the 175-horsepower.

5. Subaru Outback

Subaru Outbackhas a raised midsize wagon. It has a power lift gate and adaptive cruise control. This Subaru has 256 horsepower. The front seats are comfortable. This car has passed the government crash tests with a highest score of five stars. This is an ideal choice for a person, who has a big family.