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Zenzele Steve Ndlovu from South Africa message

Zenzele Steve Ndlovu from South Africa message
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First and foremost I would like to to express my sincere gratitude to CAR FROM JAPAN for an outstanding spirit of benevolence, that is much appreciated and keep it up, you are one of a kind. Secondly I would like to thank you again for the service you offer to all the parts of the world with such greatly competitive prices and great quality vehicles. I would like to spread the word to everyone in South Africa and the whole continent of Africa about your service to we as your clients as I have noticed that many people need your service but have not got a chance to know about you. I would sincerely and humbly ask you to make me a winner of one of your cars to prove even to those who are skeptical about CAR FROM JAPAN as I sometimes receive such reactions when I share the information with people in my country, most people do not believe me. I will openly represent the brand CAR FROM JAPAN. I have an idea that we can also consider having local brand ambassadors for CAR FROM JAPAN here in South Africa to get attention of even more customers as I see a lot of potential customers who need to understand CAR FROM Japan even more. I as I am would also be glad to pioneer such a campaign to make CAR FROM Japan known and understood even more,and a good part is I work for a local filling station that also gives me a lot of platform to the automotive industry. Thanks A million CAR FROM Japan. Keep up the spirit and grow in market.

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