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ZACHARIA MAGIGE MAKIMA from Thailand message

ZACHARIA MAGIGE MAKIMA from Thailand message
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Within few years, cars imported from Japan has been helpful for both public and private services in most of the whole world especially the third word countries like Tanzania.
Although it has been used in Japan, those car which are imported are in very good conditions such that a buyer never regret to buy it.
Apart from that people are highly convised by the eligible workers who are highly discipline to work on customers’ issues all the working hours. Despite the distance from Japan to the destination the faithful of sellers and presence of good and quality cars has lead to increase of customers from the third country people, this is because the customers believe that their order will not be changed and they will get their car.
As every body needs good life and good things, some do fell due to heavy taxes that are being charged from their mother country, most countries do charge more than 100% of the buying price things that threatened some people from importing car because failure to pay those taxes they are not allowed to take their cars from the port after its arrive, the good thing that can happen so that to increase the customer is the government, sellers with their agents and buyers can involved together so that they can talk together to lay down some regulations that will enable most of us to own cars.
Lastly together if we can unite together we can go far

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