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Zabron Paul Mshehe from Tanzania message

Zabron Paul Mshehe from Tanzania message
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Hello Car From Japan,

Kindly would like to be one among other competitors for your car giving away competition.This is showing how kindly you are in thanks givivng to your people.
Why you should pick me as the winner.
I’m interested with your product which actually are reliable in our infrastructure capacity and economy.I’m interested being your ambassador in Tanzania,promoting your product and being front line in witness the quality of you products.Apart from giving you thanks,I will be responsible for preaching you and your good will to your customers.Not only that but also i have been in front line by using your product here in our country.So for these few reasons would like to be your 2016 winner in this competition and may God bless you all and company.
I preface my appreciation for your offer in this Christmas season.

Wishing me good luck in this competition and I pray to God be the winner.

Thank You!

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