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Yustin nyembeke from Tanzania message

Yustin nyembeke from Tanzania message
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Thank you too for giving me a chance to say some thing about japanese used car and also to show why should you pick
me as the winner of competition and to show too how do l thing about car from Japan start with the first phrase about why you should choose me to be the winner l am very glad for the question you asked to me due to the following reason first l believe from Japanese used cars and other equipment made from Japan from when l started to be exposed with motor vehicle what l know is Japan used cars and nothing more am writing from my heart that l believe much from Japanese used cars and secondly its very easy to be Japan used cars agent or representative because mostly people they know and in my country Japanese used cars are the leading types of cars used much and people they afford to run this type of cars which is Japan used cars so am sure that people will be interested with with this because its not very new kind of transport in my country thirdly l will be proud to be your representative specifically to my country and the place where l live because there are many people too believe on Japan used cars but the problems is exposure they don’t know how and where to get them l live in arusha place where people admire much having transport but they can’t get since no one to help them so if you choose me to be your representative l will make sure people know about Japan used cars and help them to use too and my mind set about Japan used cars is the place where l will be much safe to use their commodities what l know is cars from Japan they are very good though they are second hand type of car but you can use them for very long time since you buy these cars from Japan without any major maintainance rather than minor service so l will also tell other people the same from what l believe thanks much for giving me a room to tell something about Japan used cars l hope u will consider what l said and its really l want to be representative and to make people still believe in car from Japan from the one who believe on japanese used cars yustin Nyembeke

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