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YAKOBO DUNGUMARO from Tanzania message

YAKOBO DUNGUMARO from Tanzania message
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Actually am student from Mzumbe university Mbeya campus in Tanzania. CAR FROM JAPAN can pick up me as a winner because first I will representative or agent of car from Japan in Tanzania to advertise and promote those cars from Japan to others so as they can have pressure to demand cars. In production according to law of supply ”suppliers tend to supply a product at a higher price “But in law of demand” the higher the demand, the low of price and viewers” I advise the company to control variable cost in production and increase quality of products at the end to sell products at affordable price. (Car from Japan (Japanese used car) are the best cars materiality and technicality can deserve any circumstances while are person use that car. There fore affordable prices with high quality in competitive market a company will have a higher number of customers and will reduce cost of advertisements through word of mouth. Also Japan car should continue making analysis (market research) to get really information about customers needs, this will assist to acquire and retain customers who loose hope about a company. In last good customer care, quality of products, affordable price will make a car from Japan to win competitive market. when producing a car just base on directing users what they supposed to do while they drive those cars by instructing message around the car. This will assist to memorize the owner while is driving and will mimimize unnecessary death.

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