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WAZILI Ally from Tanzania message

WAZILI Ally from Tanzania message
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If you choice me as a winner’s.First of all I will make sure to support you on advitising on your business on my country a special in Tanzania. Secondly I will convince other people to buy car and spears from Japan.

I will inform people in my country that
Car from Japan are Very strongest car powerfully and when you are in car you feel very comfortable. Also car use small amount of fuel its Spears also cheaper . people from my country are great fully on use’s car from Japan.Car from japan are most likely in the worldwide.Also car from Japan are longer lasting. People from Tanzania are likely to use car from Japan.You know what you are product are usefully in our country. Also you inhibit from air pollution. You are welcome in our country for more investment. People will be more great full if you will build an industry in Tanzania.
About used car from Japan are good and people in my country like used car are cheaper also even though are used but still strongest powerfully and people feels comfortably when uses car from Japan.Used tools or spears from Japan it seems like new once. You may bring both new car’s and used car’s also new spears and used all are usefully and are likely in our country. If you choice me as a winner’s I like to be an ambassador in my country in Tanzania to publish you’re business. I am waiting for this opportunity

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