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Wasili Mathumula from Tanzania message

Wasili Mathumula from Tanzania message
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You may pick me as a win because this could mean a good promotion on your part from this part of the world. I also think this will create trust in those people with whom I have shred this very important and wonderful competition.
What I like to tell you is that on my part I am convinced that this is real and worth to attend a competition ever taken place among used car dealers in the world. I has evidence because the Summer Competition have made so many people happy.
A Zambian has won the first prize in the Summer Competition why not a Malawian.
If I may ask though not me but do you know that most Malawians buy Japanese used cars. It is possible they buy them from you. So you shall be blessed if one day or by the 22 December 2016 one car comes to Malawi.
Otherwise mine is appreciation that real things is happening.
I remember this could be a third competition conducted by you. I am glad to say that I was privileged to have won a $100 coupon in the very first competition. Unfortunately due to the strength of our currency, it never carried weight and I never used it. However, I would like to suggest that next time coupon should go up as high as $1000. This will be better off.
All the same I would like to thank you for this competition it keeps us busy.

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