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Vincent Obadha from Kenya message

Vincent Obadha from Kenya message
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‘Car from Japan’ as dealers of used Japanese cars you stand the chance to endear yourselves to your clients in a very special way first and foremost through such promotions and then secondly by use of supplying high quality cars at very competitive prices.

The market out there is filled with insincere people seeking to make a quick buck and promptly disappear. However I’m sure this is not you. Let your customers know you are there for them 100% and from fulfilling an order until delivery they are catered for. Herein you will win over loyal clients for life. Make your clients ‘king’ and they will flock to you.

Whenever you plan, come on the ground in countries where your clients live eg. during trade shows and also partner with local communities therein in worthy social causes.

During this festive Christmas season I wish you all the very best.


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